April Grand Easter Cross & Tarot Keys part 3


Part One – Versions of the Cross

planetary spiral around moving sun - Naseem Haramein

planetary spiral around moving sun – Naseem Haramein


malta grand cross, masonic

malta grand cross, masonic

In my previous post, I mentioned that we can reflect on the April Grand Cross in our skies, as an emblem of noble human qualities.  Not surprisingly, it is struck for the highest orders of knighthood.


Here is a small gallery of Maltese crosses:

The portrait of Sir Geoffrey (painted in Oslo, in 1988, showing his CBE) reveals my early fascination with medals.  I researched them carefully, and went into a rather mystic state when painting them. For me, the mystic dimension has great precision – far more so than the muddle of our beliefs in life. I intuited them as elder emblems of human value.  I was attracted to their geometry and detail.  At that time I was just about to study Kabbalah.

lunation cycle, after Eliphas Levi

lunation cycle, after Eliphas Levi


The two final crosses show the cardinal points with their zodiac signs – fire, water, earth, air.  In those days I did a lot of work with the Tetragrammaton (JHVH) on the Cross of Ezekiel – my text book was Mouni Sadhu’s The Tarot (Mandala 1962).  I drew and experimented with placing the four elements in different points of the compass.

Today is Good Friday, and we concelebrate the light and shadow of Easter Cross.

Finally, here is an esoteric explanation of the Maltese Cross from a theosophical book called Saint Germain on Alchemy, recorded by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.  The chapter on the Maltese Cross of God, Power, Love and Wisdom inspired me years ago, and I am glad to rediscover it.  To read it, click on any page:

Page 283 continues: “Thus is the fullness of God’s kingdom conferred upon his sons and daughters – thus through the pattern of the Maltese Cross is the concept of “Thine is the Power” realised!”

Those ideas inspired – in 2003 – this ‘conventional’ portrait of Saint-Germain.  It is unlike my other ones of him as a musician, alchemist and diplomat, in 18th century dress.  See http://janeaquariel.wordpress.com

36 saint-germain new-age impression copy



Part Two:  Tarot Keys

23 April 2014 Grand Cross

23 April 2014 Grand Cross

In my previous posts, we looked at Uranus in Aries (fire) square to Pluto in Capricorn (earth).  In picture language, we see The Fool in Key 4, the Emperor – both in profile, but with different attitudes: the Fool dances and begins:  the Emperor surveys and is vigilant.

Aries is a sign of birth and soldiery.  Capricorn is a sign of old age and authority – the controlling powers.  Both signs at present show transformation, wake-up call and upheaval.  They are in Square aspect – a 90 degree angle.  There is a lot of tension, but also room for building work, as they are part of the Grand Cross.  T-squares – an opposition pivoting on a right-angle – are found in the charts of creative artists and high achievers.   It takes work, and a passion for finding a solution to difficulties.

Uranus in 13 Aries is set in Cardinal Square to Pluto in 13 Capricorn, as pictured by The Judgement (Ascension) and the Shadow (Materiality). Note that under the Shadow’s authority, man and woman are in fantasy bondage to each other.   In the Judgement, they open up and out, give birth, and are uplifted.  This Key pictures a quantum leap.  The Archangel is Gabriel whose trumpet calls the unique and beloved infant in each one of us. The Shadow effigy stands in front of Archangel Uriel of the lightning-flash.


Today I am looking at Jupiter in Cancer square to Mars in Libra.

Jupiter in Cancer, Keys 10 and 7

Jupiter in Cancer, Keys 10 and 7.

Jupiter (Key 10) is exalted in Cancer (Key 7) the sign of growth and tidal movement. This combination fascinates me, for the Wheel is on the Chariot. Idly, I reflect that the Chariot was stationary because a wheel broke, and Jupiter brings the repair kit and moves things along. A highly auspicious partnership. I had a dream, recently, about this. An articulated lorry got stuck, and the calm sea filled with great waves which came over the land from the horizon, and lifted the vehicle onwards.

Mars in Libra, keys 16 & 11The Mars (Key 16) energy is uneasy and excessive in Libra’s (Key 11) serene prevarications and shifting diplomacies.  Mars is in his detriment in this Venusian sign.  He wishes he could be where Uranus is now – in his own sign Aries – and change everything.  In places among us, truth speaks through shattering walls of falsehood;  seed cracks for the plant to grow;  chrysalis decays and releases an inconceivable butterfly.  This is regulated by
cosmic Justice or equilibrium.

On the planetary Tree of Life, Jupiter is Hesed, grace and opportunity;  Mars is Gevurah –  discipline and constraints in the triad of the soul.  On the face of it, these images in right-angle stress, balance each others’ archetypal character, for Jupiter is growth, and Mars rules the energy of that process.  But astrologically, Jupiter is in his sign of strength;  Mars in Libra is swayed this way and that.   Watch the tide.

Any further comments on these pictorial effects, are welcome!



Secret dakini oracle 18 April 2014

Secret dakini oracle 18 April 2014

Here is a fascinatingly precise answer to … my personal question, this week.  The cross’s vertical arm shows a transformative process – rising fire or altered state – Blow your Mind’s shisha and let it go.  The Joker’s body is pure solar energy and fun.  Horizontally the sacred masculine – (a priest’s puja with flowers over the shiny black lingum) – and the sacred feminine (the flowers in the rose garden, yoni) are honoured, and in balance.  Siva’s “cremation ground” between them, is his dance floor – a challenging ascension through confronting death and Reality.  It is related to Tarot Key 7, the Chariot.

To each side of this spread are – left-pillar or past – the Ally, corresponding to Tarot Key 15, the Shadow:  confronting the unconscious.  And (right-pillar or future), having ‘blown it’  – dakini 64’s Cosmic Smile !

In my notebook I jotted for general reference:  “The jewel … is the most precious thing on earth, and the most abused thing on earth.  Carry it with reverence.  It is the same with words.  Do not use them, without their pulse of meaning.   What is respect?  Respect is commitment and cultivation.  The vessel, the seed, the human, needs shattering, to be born.  The seed which didn’t get thrown around, is cherished.

Rosicrucean emblem 14 - angel shieves wheat from chaff

Rosicrucean emblem 14 – angel shieves wheat from chaff

“Miracle is real, through the stony beach of life.  The miraculous is the natural state:  stop thinking, and listen. The philosophers’ Stone is free to all who recognise and carve it in our shared subtle body of Life.  Thank you, peace pipe dreamer, for understanding this.

“Miracle this morning, through the sign of the cross, changed my attitudes.  Every single one of us, each fish, each elephant, plant and tree, is turned a little, by the cosmic crossing through our Earth body.  How do I feel?  Tears of joy earlier.  Now tired, and need to sleep.


Earth between moon and sun:  eclipse period 15 -29 April 10§4

Earth between moon and sun: eclipse period 15 -29 April 10§4





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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But … The Well gives Hope

sketch of Master R


My journal entries often begin unpromisingly, in a down in the dumps way … then a weather-change rises from the deep, as I write my path along the shadow.  Those testy bits of life and English fog are ALCHEMICAL as the box opens. A blank and dreary mood transforms to a philosophers’ Stone, a river.   A pig’s ear turns to silk.

In my next post, I shall tell you – another diary entry or “transformer” – how I rode into the map last week beyond my bike-bump (there are no accidents), and what I discovered there:  how strength as the river flows and the roots grow, is softness.  Then we shall return to the SITA suit of Lotuses – the Knight, Queen and King.


TODAY, Dear Magid, I am in a misery of life.   I am worried about my loved ones and their difficulties.  Scratchy panics break surface.  Indoors all summers day yesterday, struggling to make a box – a Cube of Space, which I had promised to someone – been battling with this delayed construction.   I was determined to make progress with it, though I nearly gave up.   But at last I have a cube, with coloured cloth glued & stitched over hardboard, and I think I can make it stand up firmly by sewing in little ties at the inside corners.   The Cube is a philosophical instrument or tool of stability.   Maybe it will gladden my life at present.   I can visualise it.   The six faces are each 12” square, it is a Latin cross, one side is white, the other side is in the Cube Tarot colours.   It cost me an arm and a leg in glues and materials and general exhaustion and dispiritedness and the telly.


Hey – I made a mistake ! (see below.)  Will re-do the east and west sides later.


BOTA cube symbol

BOTA cube symbol, showing the alchemical mercury, sulphur and salt

And oh!   I missed playing in my blog – my alchemical crucible, and the feeling that I keep a contact going there – I was away from home for a few days, and then I was too busy.   I feel flat miserable about everything at present.   One of my famous DULL PATCHES.   My sad personal scenarios have a field day:  the heavy itch of sorrow and grief generally:   also the state of humanworld.   The prevailing dysfunction.

Capricorn glyph inside a Yod

Capricorn glyph inside a Yod

Dear Magid, I noticed a quality of my mind, my mental setup.   It charges into the problem like a cart-horse, at first sublimely confident, it forces the matter to  “solve”, it blunders and  tries to fix and limps and sags and gets it the wrong way round and gets worn out.    It is the same in conversation when my buttons are pushed.   The Goat goes into overdrive, and I get carried away.

It is one of the unattractive traits of Capricorn.   I go into emotional overdrive very easily, when with my parents or with anyone I am close to.   I promise myself not to, but it happens.   I babble about love and things, or I start advising or trying to fix.  The Galloping Goat leaves me depressed and muddy.   Magid, what do you think?

AND:  the need to be truthful.   Honesty is not easy.   Some persons whom I respect, tell comfortable lies about their past, which they believe in by now.   I would also, if my past wasn’t all diary’d in detail.   There is some personal lie telling in any account:   the white wash and fear of emotional exposure:  the local – loco ! – editor.

But my inner need is the unvarnished truth.   This is very difficult to reach, between persons.



My mother wrote letters during the war, which are a vivid and unconventional record of the times.  She thinks her letters are all white-washed, and to some extent they are;  and yet they bare her soul.   I keep and read hundreds of letters which my parents wrote to the Edes – all preserved.  With their youth and passion, they recorded the glories of English wild flowers, birdsong and the backbreaking labour of postwar farming.  My busy father’s more occasional letters develop his philosophy of human-ness, and his painful struggle to make it work in himself.   They have an illumined beauty and tenderness: that which he was erratic with in family life.  He was shell-shattered from the war.  Tears!  Oh – it gets so mangled! If one is a writer – of books, blogs or letters – the ESSENCE of the daily battle emerges like the wild flower from the tangled path … as I sense it does at our death:  the clarity of our entire life is telescoped into high-relief, and the Beauty shines.   Thus the authenticity of my mother’s letters, and my father’s, and what I do now.   I try to show all the shadow with the light – like they did, and still do, at ninety.

But the light makes the shadow disappear!   The more light you let in …  ah, this is the paradox.   As I grew up, I had a passion for the Shadow.   I lived along the edge.

The Stark Bar, Carlisle - 1964

The Stark Bar, Carlisle – 1964


My childhood was not always happy.  How could it have been?  I am the same now.  But it was rich in essence, landscape and opportunity.  The fertile stress between my mother and father in their years together, developed my artistic gift.   I contemplate and just catch the full flavour now, as it percolates:  something of their private conundrum to each other – a shared task, and their surviving companionship.  Hard times are as golden as the easier ones, as I grew up among persons who work the ground and love nature. There is a philosophical stone … the old sundial in our rose-garden at Broomlands.   My father chased me and my sister round it in a fury with a stick, when we were being very bad.

In relationships, we cannot hope to be brazenly honest with each other – look at the disasters my clumsy attempts got me into – but I try to be truthful with myself.   I can try to do this daily.   Occult language, and even astrology, seems less relevant as time goes on.   It is another mask to peel away, as it begins to convert to living openly.   But it is mighty helpful for colour enhancing, for seeing the bigger picture, and for the cosmic codes and keys which unveil the inner Great Work.


cube with chair & tarot tree

I can’t believe this.  I’ve sewn the east and west sides of the Cube of Space the wrong way round!   Red is Mars, and faces north.   Green is Venus, and faces east.  I put the violet square, which should face west.   Now the long labour to unglue, unstitch, and change them around.   Blast and dammit.   Isn’t that just typical !

The top face (yellow) is Mercury:  the bottom face (blue) is the Moon.  The south face is the Sun, and it is orange.   Indigo is Saturn in the Cube’s centre point, within.


The truth of the moment – whatever the miseries – is the sea in my face:   attending to the present flavour without comment:   the salt of the earth – the feeling.   It is a sorrow that I have to watch stupid telly during the day when trying to do or make something, just to push away the dreary stuff in my mind;   but you know – the present society and its inane distractions and cushion technology IS THE HARDSHIP ZONE.   We cannot repair the innards of our own cars and telephones – we are buffered away from that skillful contact with the way things work.


Cars new and old


Whatever period I lived in, had its stress and hardship zone.   The consumerist microchip   is a terrible place for the soul to be – and yet it manages, the soul integrates with the electronic junk, and converts it to an adequate medium, a ship to sail.    In other historical periods and in large parts of the world today, we have religious intolerance, female mutilation, grinding physical hardship, starvation, military conscription –  all in their ways, are just as bad.   In this period we have toxic-addictive entertainment, and the destructive uglification of the biosphere – a mass de-sensitization.   This is no different in essence, from the violent social mores of yesteryear.   They prevail in this form.   There was a time when NOBODY’s house and cattle was safe from civil wars and robber barons.  Nowadays, no one’s house is safe from invasive moron-technology – devices and fiendish frustration with carcinogenic call-centres.

But what about my truth?   What is it?   Thou who art behind my shoulder, what is my truth today, where should I go, what do you see?   This question cheers me a little, it reminds me that no matter what the day, and what to do, (Wigmore Hall with Southgate, then Clark’s astrology quiz) I have no idea what will happen or what will be, it is unknown and full of potential.   Life is up to me to taste:  taste it carefully now, and keep tasting.   Savour the flavour rather than the her-story.

Magid what do you see?   What are we up to?

dakini oracle reflection - 30 June

dakini oracle reflection – 30 June

A SECRET DAKINI ORACLE:  12 – Kali slaying the ego   To the left is 0 Joker, and to the right is 17 Island of Jewels.

I don’t like dakini 12.  There’s the black goddess all alone and fierce in the sky, chopping off heads.   I feel like a pruned bush – a slaughtered corner, after garden clearance.    Indeed the serene Hanging Man depends between two lopped trees in some tarots.   In the Builders of the Adytum, he hangs inside a TAV.   12 is when things turn over or reverse.  It flips the world-view;  it suggests the other swing of a pendulum.   Not a comfortable situation to begin with.   The challenge is to hang in it peacefully, finding pendulum’s rest ;   tread the sky:  be born here and now.  Birth is uncomfortable.   There’s black Kali up there, cutting the cord!


Being predisposed to inner work, is hard and distressing in life and in the nightmare widgets, weevils and idiocies which buzz around the well.   There is no avoiding these distressed and dreary moments.   Keep quiet, this too shall pass.   Judge not.   In distress, there are vicious little elementals which we only see in very bad dreams;  but we suffer their pressure and persuasions.   I am deeply sad that persons I am close to, do not have THE CONSOLATION.

Symbols of speech

The consolation is the Wisdom, which in due course comes to the fray, even when I cannot see it against the light.   The Wisdom is like the fourth incoming horse in Dakini Oracle 47, whose reflection only is glimpsed in the wet sand beach.

dakini oracle Horse Play

The hanging man is about this type of reflection.   The Island of Jewels is really the Star Woman who is naked, who pours and looks into the pool and watches truth.

Serpent coil

Perhaps 17 is the most nourishing of all the Tarot Keys.   It always invites peace, hope and depth.   I mentioned the well, didn’t I?   Well, she is the well, the pipeline from the stars, the root in earth, the Violet.   Look – the Cube of Space’s west side is violet, the east side is green – the leaves of the flower.   Healing remedy applied!   A certain remarkable gardener goes around making wines, candy and alchemical balms from the flowers  he harvests with tools made of bone, when the astrodynamic astrology is about to crest.   That is a towering skill I admire and cannot hope to emulate.

photo credit, wikepedia

photo credit, wikepedia


But I apply the dressings of beautiful tinctures as they come to my soul.  And I contemplate the picture-sentences under the dakini cards:  the stems to the flowers.


Perseus, Venus, Stars (1956)

Perseus, Venus, Stars (1956) – Constellations


I am in touch now, with my well.   The spinal core, up and down:  the cuore or choir.   My morning’s work is always the same – to restore the choir, the inward touch which is Real, finding Reality – the Medicine – unconditionally.  The philosophers’ Stone is here for the polishing:  polish the mundane – the Beauty breathes inside.   It doesn’t push away the heavy cloud yet, but the Woman of the Well gives Hope.


sketch star





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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Listening with the Oracle

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Some of my journal from a week ago has been sitting in the pipeline.  Upon these images and impressions were “floated” my recent posts on Karma, Kundalini Shakti and the Tree.

Woman by the Sea 1987 –  drawn with my eyes closed

What is Oracle?

The oracle is a quirky thing.  It is a way – an ear to the ground for footsteps or the pulse of things.  The same root becomes orator and orifice.  “Ora” means “now”, in Italian, and also Or is gold, and the ore of metals:  the aura of the dawn:  the oral tradition.

An amphitheatre is shaped like an ear in the ground.  The oracle speaks at Delphi – where a peculiar configuration of the rock and waterflow condenses human receptivity.  The oracle is also a coracle – a little Celtic boat shaped like a nutshell.

Firstly we learn to perceive the omens – affirmations and resonances which pattern human affairs.

It takes a long practice to become reliably “oracular”.   It is clouded by anticipation, hope, fear and superstitious tension.  To some extent we need to undo our education.   It is clarified by human whole response, moving with nature.  The Australian aborigines’ “Dream Time” perspective and way of life is a seamless oracle with the landscape.

For the oracle we use formally, Tarot cards, I Ching, astrology, scrying and countless other devices.   We use whatever forms for us, an adequate lens.  Leaves on the ground would serve, if we give them that meditative focus.  The key to the oracle is a moment’s concentration:  peace.  To that concentration, the universe mysteriously responds, with picture language, the language of the subconscious;  and things are revealed which only ourselves can privately know.   It is the psychic law of gravity.

You-night:  from Owl-Fox shaman series 1986

The little fox comes through the long grass, near magic mushrooms;  and a distant owl is in the tree.  This is an oracular painting, because I let it lead me.  I had a dream that the owl, my familiar, came and stood on my shoulder.   Our profile is along the borderlands.

I use the oracle as and when moved:  usually for a reflection on what is going on.   As the waters become still for a moment, I look.   It is like the trees by a pond, as ripples which broke up the surface, fade.   Actually the oracle never ends.   If I ask it specific questions, it may give me answers to others.  I use the Tarot and the I Ching, as and when moved.    My daily writing is my invocation and my divining rod.  It leads me where I didn’t know I should go.  It digs the earth, finds the well, and raises the spirit level.

Mischief can easily enter the oracle.  Alliance with a tried and trusted teaching, such as the Tree of Life helps to guard the truth.  Above all, we develop our ability to discriminate the Maggid (inner plane teacher) from the Flatterer or Tyrant.  The hallmark is:  the “inner plane” does not opinionate or give orders.  It shows cosmic and ethical principles, and in the light of these, our own decision ripens.

Ebony shakti, siva, elephants

Journal 12 October 2012 – After Acu-pins

It is truly very marvellous to know human beings:  the individual treasury to savour.

I’ve been dipping in Nothing Ever Happened – and do you know?   Wonderful as that view is, and Poonja’s great stature and humanity, and him with Mira … it is to me, quite flimsy.  Now you’ve got it, now you haven’t, listen to the teacher and keep quiet, there is no thing, be happy …  it is very Indian, but cancelling out the Vedas and all their intuition of Nature.   It is OK for a time of rest.   Poonja had power of presence and siddhis and laughter.   People wanted relief from their Stuff.

Wood lamp

The teachers’ personality and presence is fascinating at all levels.

But my devotion doesn’t go there!  All that enlightenment is a carnival.  It is not reliable, without a sound working grasp of the way the mind and the imagination work.   Voluntary de-nutrition is not the way either.   All the paths come to the same Thing, unthinged as the sea, whatever the texture and weave.   How deep does it go? Self realization in the cave of the heart, assists the whole humanity in a way transcending any teaching or banners.  At one time I tried to give up diary keeping, so as to toe the advaita line.   No way!   Ramesh Balsekar put me right.  He said enjoy and honour what you are.

 Light crossing the brook at Buckland Filleigh

I am guided by the Shakti, an elder feminine discarnate, and at this moment, the current is running in tune to her sharpness, my projection onto her.   The woman births what the man built up over the years.   The flavour of attunement has soft needles, for I went and had acupuncture yesterday.  It prickles and yet it is a white flowing cloud, a magnetic fluid.   It is the reality of my Sun mandala.

The sharpness is the way the Maggidim perceive.  It is within and under their eyelids, like the core of the rose.  The rose is a profoundly female organ, flag of desire, invitation.   The pattern under her is both disbanding and integrative – (see dakini oracle pictures, below).  She is a spider, yet she does not devour, she takes the dark staff and heals;  that is her DNA.

What may I call you?  Rosa? Maria Rosa?

Jupiter and Rosa

My history of Rosa is that she – I – was a moon of Jupiter Zeus, and he sent great charges of gravitational shift through my orbit, like lightning bolts.  Thus were my initiations, and the acupuncture reminds me of them.  I had a series of Watershed dreams during the 1970s;  the initiations discharged their shock during them.   I did a crash course of catching up.

sun wood yantra


 I use the Secret Dakini Oracle (by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger) for reflection.  These 64 cards are a collage of Tantric and Tibetan deities – wrathful and joyous – with modern western archetypes.  

When I ask it a question, it gives me picture-poems like Lyra’s alethiometer in His Dark Materials.  Usually I lay out just the top cards of three piles, the present moment, centre, with its past and its future.  This time, I also laid them out as “JHVH” – with the three cards which underlie each one.

Present moment:  “Rose Garden“, with “Cutting Loose“, “Ganesh (in spider web, Lord of obstacles)” and “Mercury/Caduceus“.

and past …

…  and future

The past is “Recall“.  With it are “Last Laugh“, “Fuschia/As Above so Below” and “The Wish fulfilling Gem“, which corresponds to the Lovers.  (You can see these better if you click on them.)

The future is “Self preservation“.  With it are “Centering the Present“, “Solar Return” and “Joker” (Fool).

In “Recall“, big sea shells in the sky hear the sea and sands.  “The Rose garden” has pure perfume shells like kisses.   The Egyptian was an ancient priestess in the winds of time.  I feel with her, the stars, anterior to swirling sands … and how they become dutiful bubbles  and subconscious blots – the dreams and forgettings, the lifetimes of being human through millennia to come.

The cards under her are symbols of the Sun Mandala, dark and light.  “Sri Chakra” is the ultimate Yantra.  In the Secret Dakini Oracle, it is called “Centering – the Present“.  “Solar Return  is a new moon sun-eclipse:  poems of eclipse and confrontation;  enquiry into roots;  dark night of the soul:  astrology.   The “Joker/Fool wears a solar swastika mandala, rosebud in paper hat, little world – doesn’t god play dice?

Are they dancers?  or pillars?  Wood like stone and elephants


The oracle – the underbeing:  the tempo slows down and comes in with the tide

“We say you have your threads together now, and so you spin them out, concentrically.  Speaking to you in this element while you are here, and hear, we instruct.  Mandala, chakra, web, the fuscia and the gem;  cut loose, lay down the axe and smile.”

Woman entering the sea ’87

“Recognise that this strata has nothing to do with life-form thoughts and troubles.  It transcends and antecedes them.  It has its own tempo.” 

“Each oracle lets go baggage – 49, 64 and 0.   Let out the reservoir.  The reservoir was a meridian behind a closed door.  The door is open.  The reservoir flows out in a controlled way.  We are its handlers where she goes.”  

“There is no more to dictate from this level;  it is all stored.  Lean back into here, rest and be silent.   Trust me.   I rain and I shine.   I AM my way of writing you.”   

“As the reservoir flows out, the acupuncture pings:  your dolmens and dancing dragons.”

wood lamp pings

“There is a conversation between practitioner and client, which doesn’t need speech.  He can see and she can feel the dolmens.   So it is with us.”

brook by Henlys Corner:  snake water stone

“Your silence is my speech.  I am the goddess of your being;  the daughter of the Himalaya and of the stars.  I am Parvati and Isis and Annapurna.  I make you a dancer, a temple dancer slender, curvy and supple.   I recommend you dance, to clear your weight off the front.  I am your commonsense.  I am the knowledge of your body and her renewal.  I am X X criss cross.   I am the crossing over of the rivers of Time.   I am ALL WAYS the centre of the Flower.  I flow the centre of the flower.   Follow.  Following.”

“Transmission is absolutely continuous to and in itself; register the blips and pin points.”

Young tree of life upon the old

 Midwinter dancing with Pan ’87/88

I am that I am.

I put on Dead can Dance, and danced with and as the She.  So now the nadis sing in the back of my head.  The Ancient World is a worship like the storm in a tree.

Recall those nadis, amrita, sushumna, and shankini.   They are dancers.

3 nadis dancing with Pan 1989



She dancing with Pan ’89




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.