Antiviral Tools and Hymn to Joy


Enjoy Beethoven’s 9th – the Hymn to Joy as played across the Netherlands!

For embodying Odes to Joy, you may like to visit and dance Five Rhythms with Ajay   He now holds online dance sessions through the Wave on Tuesdays at 7.  Anyone may join with Zoom and dance all together in our homes.  I will post the link here as soon as I have it.   “Flowing movement through the chaos” (he said) – “that is what the chaos is here for;  for you to dance through it.

In this long post I compile some insights and impressions I received from others over the last month and pass them on in the hope that they may help.  You may have read some of them already.  I also have rather a lot to say, as usual – this time, a mini-book.  I’m afraid this is my usual fault whenever I start writing, so please bear with me, and skip my musings if they are not relevant.

In my block of flats someone has an electronic piano and each day at intervals she practices Bach prelude no 1 in C major, and others.  I went to my piano to play the same prelude!  A strange rooted strength from the collective flowed through my arms and fingers.  Shall we talk to each other through Bach?

The Chinese goddess Kuan Yin in her Parnashavri aspect became a Hindu deity.  She is also adopted in Buddhism as protector against outbreaks of disease.

Kwan Yin. This portrait now belongs to Annie Dorcas in the “Masters series” she commissioned from me in 2007.

In   Hope Bradford writes (extract):

“Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity. The incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from ones trials and tribulations.

“Further, Kuan Yin advises that what is needed on earth is compassion for the untruth. Touching untruth’s shoulder with the utmost tenderness, she shows her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. Stemming the tide of war and destruction can only occur, the Goddess maintains, through the sprinkling elements of truth and healing.

“This process requires one be centered upon and understand the issues of his or her life from a place of detachment. To examine ones life from this perspective allows the Higher Self to participate in daily choices and problem solving. While ego is responsible for maintaining the self during waking reality, much of the pressure of decision-making can be mitigated when allowing ones relationship with the higher-self to unfold.”


A Pharmacist I spoke to, said:  “The virus is omnipresent through interaction of our human generic body with environment.  It isn’t something passing from one person to another.  ALL OF US HAVE GOT IT BUT SOME INDIVIDUALS REACT WITH SYMPTOMS – OTHERS NOT.   Like other flu viruses, it is in the human system generally.  The different ways we react depend on our inbuilt physical and psychological matrix.   Those of us who do not react symptomatically might not know it’s there.  The heroic effort to prevent it can be sometimes an interference.   Interference which is ignorant of the viral nature may also stimulate it.”  


As I understand this, the viral entity interacts with the human entity. Covid19 is one among many flu viruses which flow through the human system and sometimes manifest as symptoms and sometimes not.   Year by year the health services battle with vaccines against each new one.

What is my “vaccine” for now?  Positive, intelligent thought, courage and considerate action.  Be on the ball and bathe in the Sea.  Of course I have the virus.  It is in my fearful thoughts and dark holes and grumpiness.  I feel sore and vulnerable to those, which flag up my personal ego-misery-belief. My dark projection isolates the phenomenon into thingness and determines the way I interpret life.

Viral activity – and I include excessive social media – is yet an element within what I see as a vast agency of change through humankind at the present time.  The virus is malleable; it changes lives; it is our teacher.  I have it, you have it, it is in us all.  The pattern of “trying to control it” may reinforce in the same way our shadow fears and thoughts, so we need to be aware of those. The researchers and medics do their work. The virus should not however take front burner in our mind; let go the compulsive quizzes, let life go on.  Above all, don’t join the game of someone or something to blame.

Psyche and body are one: my thoughts create and reinforce my physical life through expectation.  Tune into the  individual responsibility, the love and care for each other – the little lights here and there around the globe increase like stars and begin to join up.

Someone also said, “Ignorance has made a massive collective effort to constrict the life force wanting to burst from our bodies.”


The “I” particle (higgs-bosen) in the quantum science of Global Energy Parliament.  Red, Black, White are equivalent to the Three Gunas in Hinduism.

Swami Isa of the Global Energy spoke on 21 February – Sivaratri day.  A friend in GEP sent to me the gist of it: 

Swamiji wants everyone to take the global situation very seriously, but to be ever vigilant about the quality of our thoughts and emotions. He says this is an “intellectual war” and a dark dominated thought has been created. We need to create balance in ourselves and externally too.  Hope you are taking good care.  

He said … it’s a war of intellect or Buddhi – here he means the organ of thought. It was manmade and is pervasive and deeply penetrating. Together with this, he spoke about the coming problem of faithlessness in people, and how people are just “considering God but not realising God.”  

To resist this virus and to not be affected by the fear and destruction in this mental war, we need to build mental strength or Manas.  Manas/mind means the organ of emotions. Of course this comes through real faith, not contrived faith.  The physical part He says is very serious and we should take care to build the physical immunity along with the intellectual and mental.  

And yes, the kindness and softness of people that comes out of this crisis is a treasure…  So far India is not yet in a panic stage, but I think that once shutdowns start, it may happen. Most people are still going about normal duties, except that the schools are closed.


This story was written by a member of Global Energy Parliament:

And the great blue whale, the small spider, the cherry blossom, the coconut palm, the moss-covered stone, they all came. One by one, the animals and trees and rivers and rocks of Earth climbed the great steps in the sky to see the Mother of the Universe and tell their sorrows.

And after hearing all of them, including the beetle and the bluebell, Mother closed Her great eyelids and the feathery black lashes fell down over Her eyes that held galaxies.

A thought came out of the darkness, “My children are tired, sad, and besieged by the humans who have forgotten Me. In their endless piles of desires and fears, they have become merciless tyrants on the Earth.”

The voice of the shark had been loud and thoughtful. “O Mother, we do not ask a large thing. We don’t want to annihilate our human brothers and sisters. We just want to breathe freely, to roam freely, to swim in free blueness, to dance with the stars again in clear skies, without fear of harm or harming. Just for a day.”

“Just a day?” She had asked.

“Yes, just one day,” he had said. “We know the conditions of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, are so vast and deep, that we do not ask You to overturn what the mighty wheel of Time has ordained. We just ask for one day of peace and freedom again to roam as we should, to live without this incessant noise and burden of humankind.”

The tiger cub had approached Her soft ankle, and as She lifted him to Her face and stroked his fur, he said, “Mother, they have forgotten you. They live by desire and fear alone. You are the Mother of the Universe. Won’t it be very easy to do something, just for one day?”

She had considered their proposal. A day to make the humans stay indoors, a day to make them consider their mountains of desires which brought them no happiness, a day to make them see that their endless planning and developments brought them no freedom, a day to make them see the fear that ate them from the inside out.

“A day to make all the humans stay inside their homes,” She said. “So be it.”

And as She closed Her eyes, from Her brow came a great Thought, and planted itself somewhere on the Eastern part of the Earth, and it spread like wildfire through human thought. It replicated with force, like a virus, and fear made it grow. Desires made it grow.

But in the deepest parts of the human hearts who had not forgotten Her, the light of faith led them forward.

And then one day, all of the humans, those with fear and those with faith, stopped their factories, went inside their houses, closed their doors, and sat down.

The plants heaved a great sigh of relief, and slowly unfurled their delicate fingers, to touch the Sun, the Air. The Wind laughed playfully as he swept the dust to the horizon, and the Ocean once again danced with its millions of colourful children. A slow day of peace and contentment embraced the Earth, a day of nothing in particular except reverence, sincerity, and truth.

At last when the Sun dipped down towards the lowest hills, the animals and trees and rivers and rocks turned their heads upwards. They prayed to the Mother and cast their endless love to Her. Finally they turned and said, “So be it.”


I think the virus is also in the mind, generating fear.  I am counteracting that with very strong thoughts and feelings of gratitude and care. They come spontaneously with an upsurge of gravitational centre – a smile! – especially after I have felt anxious for a bit.  A counter current of creativity, liberation and joy flows in many places wherever realised.  I take care of the life in my hands but I refuse to be dominated by collective panic.  As you say, it is crucial to co-create the balance.  So the balance is where I look each time.

There is a greater process unfolding.  It is behind the fear-cloud which is at present being expelled from the human root.  I see the fear-cloud as a phenomenon that is departing from us.  The mental virus which gripped people about it makes us feel the more vulnerable – especially in the social media.

The physical disease is a symptom of the mental agitation, to me they are one and the same whatever the white coats might say.   At the same time there is a new clarity and beauty in the Higher Self; as Above so it is Below.

What a challenge to live in freedom and external considering!   We can choose.  To keep discerning this – to recognise the tracks in my mind and change them is my work.  My mother and I had some good conversations about it.  One aspect of the counter-current I notice is: taking more care of and appreciating each other.  Walking the extra mile.  Noticing more.

It is a question of attitude.  I am so glad we are in touch.   Strong hands!


Builders of the Adytum – The Tarot Tableau

The Builders of the Adytum in Los Angeles circulated this Equinox Message

Planetary Influences in 2020
March 2020

While the turmoil in the world seems to be intensifying as the old world order disintegrates, it is informative to consider the planetary influences converging on us this year.  2020 started with five planets in Capricorn, and strong planetary groupings will continue their influence throughout most of the year.

At the March equinox, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be in very close proximity to each other in the earthy sign Capricorn, associated with worldly affairs, big business, and finance.  These are the areas that seem globally to be out of alignment with the Aquarian Age themes of harmony, goodwill, and concern for one’s fellow man.  In addition to these, the Moon (Tarot Key 2, the Uniting Intelligence) also joins this group just before the equinox.

All the planets mentioned are within a very narrow band of eight degrees or “conjunction,” and this focused association with each other displays certain characteristics according to the nature of each planet.  Conjunctions intensify the combined energies, and the interaction can stimulate significant changes in the consciousness of mankind.  And we know that to have an evolutionary change, the race mind must change!

Most significant is the tight conjunction of Pluto (Tarot Key 20) with Saturn (Tarot Key 21).  Pluto, considered the “higher octave” of Mars, is related to the destruction of the coffins of error that hold us in bondage.  The outer planet Pluto is a generational planet; and it primarily portends great transformational changes in world matters and race consciousness, changes that affect us all macro cosmically.

The interaction of Pluto and Mars (Tarot Key 16) with the other planets in the configuration indicates that there are likely to be explosive reactions that will bring about the destruction of outworn conditions but will also give the impetus for new beginnings.  The influence of Jupiter (Tarot Key 10) indicates that these outcomes are the ultimate of a beneficent nature.

It will be interesting to observe just what effect these planetary influences have on the world stage during this time period.

Microcosmically, we are also personally impacted by these strong energies.  As aspirants on the Path of Return, we should choose our responses to these influences very consciously, not reacting with the normal fear and anxiety of the masses, but by using our tools of Tarot and Qabalah to react creatively and constructively to these intractable forces.  This is what we are being trained to do.

Being born on the cusp of a New Age brings incredible gifts along with the turmoil, gifts that we bear the responsibility of safeguarding and developing for all mankind.  No one ever told us the Aquarian Age would be easy!  But oh, what an opportunity for growth! …for ourselves, and for planet Earth.  Let us be grateful for these gifts, and that we are here now to enjoy their rewards.

Working together in Love and L.V.X.,
The Builders of the Adytum



13 March 2020 – From the Italian Lockdown

Yes there is fear. Yes there is isolation. Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness. Yes there is even death.

But, they say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
the sky is no longer thick with fumes
but blue and grey and clear.

They say that in the streets of Assisi people are singing to each other
across the empty squares, keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.

They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.

Today a young woman I know is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighbourhood so that the elders may have someone to call on.

Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary.

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting.
All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way.
All over the world people are waking up to a new reality
to how big we really are;
to how little control we really have;
to what really matters;
to Love. 

So we pray and we remember that
yes there is fear but there does not have to be hate.
Yes there is isolation but there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes there is panic buying but there does not have to be meanness.
Yes there is sickness, but there does not have to be disease of the soul.

Yes there is even death,
but there can always be a rebirth of love.
Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.

Today, breathe.
Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic.
The birds are singing again.

The sky is clearing, Spring is coming
and we are always encompassed by Love.

Open the windows of your soul
and though you may not be able to touch across the empty square,
… Sing.

– Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM
March 13th 2020


Alison McCabe writes from Hebden Bridge: “Yesterday tuning into the virus as part of the One Body I felt it is no coincidence it affects the respiratory system. I experienced the Earth able to breathe again, a huge moment of release from the constriction of pollution. It’s possible the forests burning meant we were on the edge of a catastrophic atmosphere event which has been averted by the virus. The virus being a mirror of the constriction of the Earth and human love breaking free. I see that when I see the flamingo toking into the water and seeing her blush soft pink reflection. Such a perfect colour for Universal Love.

“Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess is also exactly conjunct Mars in the Equinox stellium in GK61. She is in the context the self-organising principle, the new authority of the feminine. Perhaps she is the salmon, leaping against all odds upstream from the place of zero gravity.”


Tantra Nova Practice – a message from Elspeth and Freddy in Chicago

We want to support you during these challenging times by sharing ways of keeping our body, heart and mind in a balanced and peaceful state which allows for fending off viral and bacterial intruders as well as assists us in healing and experiencing wellness.

To support your emotional and mental SELF stay and return to balance, we’d like to gift you with a couple of meditation practices:

Conscious Breathing Meditation 

Integration Meditation

This meditation supports you in rebalancing and integrating your whole being countering stress, worries and hopelessness. Set aside 25 minutes every day to cultivate your body’s resources and strengthen your immune system. Download both practices on your phone so you can access them anytime and anywhere.


My friend Genevieve wrote today on surrender.  This is her website:



“These are the times when we grow.”  I found myself writing this to a friend this evening.

This week my husband and I decided to start self-isolating.  Amongst the perceived confusion and chaos currently being experienced in the UK (and across the globe) due to the fast spreading COVID-19, there is a benign virus emerging and its called surrender. Things have moved pretty fast in a short few weeks I think you would agree?

No longer can we deny our global interconnection.  No more can we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that borders are secure, futures are predictable and comfort zones are forever.  No more.  The world is changing all around us and all we have left in many instances are our stories about what this change means.  As I have written about many times, our stories can either enable us to transform and grow, or they can bring us perpetually back around to negative loops of victimhood. The only thing we can influence is our choice as to which mythology we live within.

Every story has both a light, and a dark side.  The question is, can you distinguish between the two?

The familiar story of social collapse and apocalypse can be devastating to those who are attached to things remaining the same. Especially those of us (most people in the first world) have been privileged enough to live life’s of abundance and plenty through the perpetuation of capitalism.

The same story can be liberating if you are at the wrong end of the social power system and are desperate for change, no matter what this may bring. In this instance you will feel empowered and excited by the prospect of the unknown, even if what’s coming is scary and chaotic.

Every story has a truth and a challenge. The apocalypse story has been repeated throughout the ages, relating to civilisations, world views and lands. It is one that has become ingrained in the human psyche through our DNA memory and our myth. To a degree, there is an inherent truth to its unfolding and many of us could argue that we have been seeing the signs of its coming all around us for decades.

However, with the ‘truth’ the story also brings its challenge.  Can we evolve enough in our thinking, speaking and acting to change the outcome this time?

Perhaps…  Then again, perhaps not.  Perhaps we will change the outcome but its effect will be imperceivable for generations to come. Or perhaps we already are changing it, with every single word we read,  Or say. Or write.

Every time we straddle the paradox of the light and the dark, seeing both as presenting a truth and a challenge in our thinking, speaking and doing, we are able to evolve beyond the historical patterns that have led to past apocalyptic events.

Every time we surrender and embrace change, no matter if we can see its eventual outcome, we are transforming our DNA and the stories of our ancestors who largely felt victimised and helpless in the face of the changes they experienced.

And we are by no means helpless.

Today we move into the Spring Equinox. The day in the Northern hemisphere where there is an equal amount of day-light to night-dark.

This is a time of magic and alchemy where we get to choose ‘active surrender’ and ‘joyful hope’. A time where we can offer our gifts to our family and community because they need it and we need to give it.

A moment when we can embrace both the truth and the challenge of our times and become the still point between night and day.

Genevieve Boast,


My daughter wrote to me – “Did you know soap is more effective than anti-bac gels with added antivirus? Viruses are fatty and soap disrupts fat, so simply causes the virus to disintegrate. So that’s all that’s needed at home. When you’re out, you could use alcohol gel or improvise.  So lots of hand washing before and after being out, touching new things and no face touching before hand washing. Can’t do much about talking to people except try not to stand close to them – 6 feet unless there’s a breeze I guess. Face masks only protect others from people who have it already so no point using them for protection. The next few weeks will be interesting!”

I replied –

“Or steaming the face in a bason of very hot water with towel over head might have the same effect.  I bought you some cordiceps which strengthens the immune system, raises red and white blood-cells and is easy and pleasant to take.  I’ll try to drop it round, later today.  Much love  XXX

“Just tried the method – pour boiling water into basin or bowl, lower face over it, drape head with towel to keep heat in and breathe thro nose for five mins.  It is a facial sauna.  The theory is that heat destroys virus in the sinuses, which are otherwise the coolest part of body.  Feels nice and refreshing too!  Viruses like cold and hate the heat. The video recommends using a hairdryer and squirts of water to cool.  XXX

Thank you Chris Elam, for the photo!


Grandma Corona …coronama (by Bibi 19.3.20)

This too am I: a small mindless bug
searching for soft tissue to live in.
I stare it in the face
though it is too small to see
I thought corona meant crown
but it seems to mean cold.
And now I am a self-isolated grandma.
For if I get sick
I might die.

Somebody talked today about old people
clogging up the hospital system.

Like fur clogging up arteries,
we oldies interrupt the flow.
And perhaps this is simply true.
The old need to make way for the young.

But no, darlings, Now is not about
a cull of the ancients.

In this rattling of the planet
we are all enmeshed,
shaking and afraid
in our web of connection

and the green things and the furry and scaly things and the cycles of the moon
carry on in their glorious rotation
and as we retreat and shut down
and gather the fracture around us

the non-thinking beings have a rest from our
lack of balance, from our
entitlement, from our heedless
slashing through the pathways of life.

From our thinking.
From our
thinking that we can have what
we want.

And we sit in our houses that have now become cocoons.
And we sit
in the lap of our solitude
and feel the strangest stirring of joy.



The following transmission of Alcazar through Prageet in the “Stargate” teachings introduces the work of Isabelle Benarous.  Please visit the website under the transcript for more information.

Beloved Ones, we greet thee, ‘tis Alcazar.

The whole world is reacting to this coronavirus as if it is something totally new, totally unknown – it is not. Yes, it is a new form, and this new form will soon be seen as just another variety of your flu in years to come. Right now the chaos and panic that has been created has also created a great opportunity on many levels.

We have told you this year would be a year of change, a year of acceleration, and a year of opportunity for those who are willing to be in the moment, who are willing to listen to their intuition. There are many opportunities that will arise from this global shutdown/slowing down and we will address these in times to come.  We would like to comment right now on an opportunity that Isabelle Benarous, is offering to those who wish to accept it.

First, let us say a little about our perspective on dis-ease which most of you have heard before. It is your vibration, your moment by moment vibration that you radiate, that attracts to you experiences that you need in order to know Self better. We have said over and over again that your subconscious programming, your limiting patterns that come from this unconscious layer within, guide your life far more than you are generally aware of.

This programming comes from situations, mainly, that have occurred in the very early years of your life. They are programs which are created by conflict, by situations that you as a very small child could not understand, could not grasp, and in that inability to resolve those issues at the time, they were repressed in order for you to continue living day by day. These limitations can allow imbalance in the body, and this imbalance allows various dis-eases to come into your field, into your body.  So, right now this coronavirus, it is impossible for some people to have this virus within them as an illness. For, they do not have the associated conflicts, the associated subconscious programs that allow this, but obviously many do.

Our friend, Isabelle Benarous, is offering a program that can explain from a more scientific basis how you can:

-first of all understand this virus and the various flu viruses in general

-what kind of conflicts that you would have in your life that would allow this virus to come to you

-how to change these conflicts so that you are no longer open to receive these various flu viruses

And so, we wish to support this one, Isabelle, and we wish to support the Stargate Global Community in understanding and receiving the wisdom from Isabelle which we fully endorse.  We will be joining her, as we have done in the past, to bring in energetic support for the understanding and wisdom that she will be sharing.  We invite you to join us!

The meeting with Isabelle Benarous to discuss her work was on 25th March, but the video is available on the website as well as follow-up.

Mary Gaia. This painting belongs to Annie Dorcas who commissioned it from me for her series of Master portraits in 2007


And from a friend on Union Island …

“Breathe and take your time for it, 
Be a master of the Present time: Reign by Light and Love.  
Being Grateful for each of your breaths”
And now, to share with you this morning’s breakthrough (27 March):   
My mother had a fall the day before yesterday just as she was approaching the castle gate after her walk but got back on her feet alright and no ill effects.  Yesterday she saw in the very early morning Orion setting to the west. We talked today about what appears to rise and set but it is our rotation past it, and the unimaginably vast distance of those stars from each other which we call “Orion” and tell a story about, how he guards our winter sky;  and the depth of such a star from his belt.  She said we might never see each other again.  That is a possibility.  It saddens and frightens me.  It is still more likely though, that we shall see our way through.  It is in the net somehow of the stars, sentinels of the measureless night.  She said we must obey the rules regarding visits and separation and help the government and hospitals. She walked up Watery Lane yesterday and saw the primroses.  They are abundant this year, full and fat – last year they were sparse. Gradually I learn to connect with her in a “real” way through phone to support her soul strength.  Imagination develops and there are ways.  We might read verses of poetry to each other, for instance.
At present, sharing house details is fun, funny and stimulating.  My daughter and I last night cooked our supper together with our telephones on loudspeaker to hear the chopping board and advise each other.  The openings of practical connection in real time blossom everywhere as loved ones improvise.  Solidarity!

I begin to understand my problem with phone calls.  It’s because I often felt an emotional obligation in them.  Jettison the emotive cloud.  I was away from the world yesterday and have no idea how the virus is progressing but I understand it is mushroom-clouding.  My inner eye sees it grab the Aries energy and rise toward falling again.  It was born (like the Redeemer) during December the midwinter solstice, though it was probably activating in November.

I see a Tao fish.  It has its own processional interface with humans.  It curves now steeply into the human genome, and will later decline, whatever is done or not done to contain or slow it down.  The efforts to contain it are made in the particle interaction (the experimenter’s consciousness determines position or motion).



Of what use are my insights?  We each need to garner our own.  But “understanding” is valuable because it is of the world’s Atom. If I have and cultivate it, if it comes to me, be sure others have it too; it prospers here as elsewhere by quantum resonance.   I feel physically strange and weak, and yet I am fit and yesterday after I danced I went for a walk and began to run – 200 metres or so each time – with my hips, longish strides, flow; practice this daily, I shall become able to run further.  The exercise should not force my body, but consciously open its bliss, smooth movement and natural function, breathing deeply.

These images show the principle applied in proportional balance – the flower of Life.  However, we live in a living Universe of Asymmetry.


Develop this interesting idea which has been around for a month or so, here.  Imagine circles or spheres. The curve of the viral circumference enters the curve of the human circumference.  It is similar to a partial eclipse.  The vesica pisces is at first tiny.  Exponentially the oval expands “as above so below” during the period the viral body moves through the collective human body.  It grows swiftly at first, and on this basis I guess, most statistical predictions are made and graphs are drawn.

Predictions whether material or occult tend to be made from the observed culture in a single snap-shot or slide.  They have to be made continuously over the whole period of growth and decrease to encompass the phenomenon in the fourth dimension.  With that understanding the vaccine can be developed.  By then, the viral graph is waning!

I don’t know if the researchers regard the virus in this way – a sphere passes through the human sphere and occludes a portion of it as the shadow increases and then decreases.  It is unlikely that it is a full eclipse.  However it is probably destined through the Law of Hesed and Gevurah (see Kabbalah Tree below) to bite; to stay with us for a period sufficient to start to dismantle and equilibrate the human industrial excess.

Look into Nature and the mystery of Gaia’s Law and order; how it breathes, how it expands with Hesed and contracts with Gevurah.  The human hive will reconstruct itself rapidly.  There may follow a new wave of the same virus or a fresh virus or some other factor in the general reduction of our species’ speed.   The brakes are put on and the force against them is huge at first.  It is all ultimately to do with Balances and realignment to universal biorhythm.  It is rapid but in our scale it takes time.   The Change is here: the tip-point.


Archangel Mikael – in renaissance art, the expanding oval in the vesica pisces housed angelic figures and the Madonna.


I register this insight profoundly.

Astrologically I have Pluto in Leo 12th House (stay indoors, go within) and Saturn in Virgo 1st House (obey the rules when I go out.)   Pluto dismantles and transmutes infrastructure (centrifugal); Saturn builds boundaries around the continuous result (centripetal).

The full ripening of their interplay in my life arrives in my 8th decade together with the collective coronavirus crisis.  This year the South node, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transit my full-moon natal Sun in 24 Capricorn – my 71st birthday.  With the Moon joining the stellium on 17 March just before Equinox, the coronavirus situation intensified.


Conference of creatures, 1987


There are at least two levels of vaccine.  The one is developed by experiment in chemical laboratories.  The other – I now perceive – develops a full curve of  “the understanding” with Covid19.  This may be inbuilt, and manifest as an apparent immunity, or lack of symptoms.

A vaccine gives a dose of the disease sufficient to arouse reactive antibodies against it before it grips the body.  “The understanding” doses itself homoeopathically with the disease’s rise and fall as a fluid shaping.  The conscious understanding contains the “before” and the “after” in the present.  The antibodies in the energy field are small geysers of joy, gratitude and love for others.  The disease finds outlet for its expression in this way.  Around the world this is happening spontaneously.  Our fear of suffocation, isolation and death unites us in the Life.

Watch any part of the sea’s surface: the movement of the waves against, through and with each other.

The full compass of “the understanding” is compassion and social empathy, wherever we are placed – in a refugee camp or in our family home.  Being scientific is at root, “self-knowledge” for the etymological seed of “science” is “to know”.   The virus attacks etheric and physical imbalance within the system.  Its action generates a massive flow of “soldiers” (in alchemy).  That rush when it cannot be “understood” or governed is probably what overwhelms the lungs.  From what I have heard, it blocks the breath with dry mucus.

Of interest in this light, in the Aurobindo canon is the Mother’s account of her experience in 1919:   Surely, she healed many others, in turning this one around in herself; for at the cellular level we are all one.



When I write in this way I feel and am working with the disease as it passes through me. I am reciprocally “flooding it” with my tempo of the understanding.

“The understanding” which Ramesh Balsekar talked about is Wisdom – the innate wisdom of the Universe – a universal solvent or re-balancing.   With “the understanding” we move with the world.

Wisdom and Understanding.


Ramesh and devotee, 1999


The Kabbalahsociety circulated earlier this week, a new coronavirus Tree of Life to show the general principles.

Tree of Life – Coronavirus – by   From within the Tree we observe our  choice – to look down or to look up?    The viewpoint is from each of the three transformative levels – physical, self and visionary – in Tifareth, the heart of the Tree of Life.   We start where the condition is earthed – in our body’s response. Then we move deeper and higher through ourselves into the vision of global rebalancing at Kether.   Tifareth the sphere of Beauty encompasses the whole movement of root and shoot.

View the situation as a Kabbalist.

I wrote earlier in this post of the waxing and waning “partial eclipse” of human body as virus “body” passes over it:  the vesica pisces where two circles of spheres overlap.

With the Tree of Life I am reminded of the crescendo (Hesed) containing the inevitable decrescendo or contraction (Gevurah): the universal interplay of expansion and restraint throughout nature.   All things follow the Law:  arise, settle, change and fade.


A Tree by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, demonstrating the structure and work of an esoteric School

Tree of Life Sefiroth and Paths showing the Tarot Arcana


Seek and find again and again the springs – the glad sources within our being, at Tifareth. I feel something at the back of my upper chest – it is like when I throw off a cold.  It is time to dance again.


It is amazing how the dance reflex is working now.  My favourite is Dead Can Dance – the  track “Towards the within” is pagan, wild, sensuous and worshipfully mysterious.  Call up the beautiful “earth snakes”.  Slow tai chi motion too.

If you are still with me, here is a link to this week’s Covid19 contemplation in my Aquariel blog, and to my recent posts with the Gene Keys:

Last night we clapped at 8 for the NHS and lit up the streets!  As with Greta last year, it took one little girl to tweet the idea; it bush-fired around the country – we all got The Clap – with music from house to house and dancing:  Virally yours!


Little girl with Lighthouse, 1956





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Grand Cross part 5 – Moon in Aquarius

23.4.14, Moon in 13 Aquarius - Tarot Keys 2 and 17:  the Priestess and the Star

23.4.14, Moon in 13 Aquarius – Tarot Keys 2 and 17: the Priestess and the Star

These Tarot Keys, the Priestess and the Star show in picture language, the Moon in Aquarius, to which they are assigned.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer;  and those same waters flow from the lap of the Priestess.  Half hidden, she holds a scroll of the Akashic record;  the Grand Cross itself is on her breast!  On the pargod or veil behind her, is woven the Tree of Life:  her head is Da’at, union;  the cross is Tifareth.   The Sefiroth are pomegranates.  She is in bud.  She sits between Solomon’s pillars of Jakin (Yod) and Bohaz (Beit) – the day and the night.  She is the whole of the subconscious:  she is everything in us before it flowers and sprouts leaves and lives.  The Priestess serves the tides of the Moon.

Key 17 the Star is also called “Meditation”.  You can see why.  The Great Star shines through the seven stars or chakras of her spinal column:  the well has concentric ripples like the rings of a tree.  The scarlet ibis in the background is Thoth – intelligence of the Priestess’s ripe pomegranates.   The Priestess is heavily robed;  the woman of the Star is mother-naked.

Picture-language such as this, serves to open the mind;  to contemplate;  to begin to think creatively, as the surface of the pool is quietened.  We begin to see.

Explanations and interpretations are irrelevant.

We begin to see differently.  In psychological terms, it is the capacity of the Moon and of Yesod, to perceive;  to open the way.   This Wednesday, the Moon in 13 Aquarius resonates through Jupiter 13 Cancer, Pluto 13 Capricorn, Mars 13 Libra and Uranus 13 Aries, an unexpected reflection;  as if above and below all the news and views, the hidden spring is flowering.   But we must look within to find!

It is a providential yoga.  It is an alternative view;  the innner benediction.

On the Tree of Life, the Moon is Sefira Yesod – sphere of the personal self, our childhood conditioning, the filtering vessel through which we perceive the world.   The word yesod means “foundation”.   The transpersonal Self is expressed uniquely through each personal ego or small self: each way the “i” is tempered. This is where we grow, and open out into the branches of the Tree, and the heart of it which is Tifareth:  the beauty.

Menorah - showing Hebrew Sefiroth;  and Tree of Life, showing the Sefiroth in English.  Sefiroth means sphere or emanation.

Menorah – showing Hebrew Sefiroth; and Tree of Life, showing the Sefiroth in English. Sefiroth means sphere or emanation.

Many interpretations of today’s Grand Cross are locked into strutting sandwich-boards of doom.    So what’s new?  The symbols may be read as a closed-circuit or as a living spiral.  It is as old as the hills for the human monkey to look out there and project fear, drama and death onto what we view, and to give away to it, all our power.   During an eclipse period we are vulnerable to our negatives;  and it is Easter too.

What is the lesson now?  Seeing – and suffering –  a negative trend, keep the mysterious option open, wherein it swims.  Hold in consciousness both realities;  choose the limitless, and let the limitation within it, melt.  To access the power which knows the way, we need to look at life unfolding inside ourselves.  We tend not to.  It is more amusing, more horrifying and more dramatic to look at what the politicians and the corporations are doing.

Here is where it starts, and it takes strength to keep open, and to be in touch with ourselves where we really, really are.   The rest is hearsay, habit and a shrinking screen.

The Grand Cross mirrors human values and chivalry, as well as tension, challenge and change.

Ask:  am I a rigid frame, or do I dance?

“Move with the movement, keeping still, move with the beauty of the Tao in its flow of balancing, re-equilibrating. What seems dark to you is the water moving, and nature’s exquisite tendency to flow in and out of stress points. Sitting on the nub of what seems to be depression and insecurity, is a place from which to view the ebb and flow of life; without judgement, including the mood, without the mood. Tao is uncertainty. Don’t make it an enemy.

”Touch the muddy face with tenderness, and allow it to complete itself.”

These are thoughts inspired by Master Han, who wove his poems from the grasses and rocks of Cold Mountain in the 9th century AD:  here is a drawing of my own interface with him.  I had forgotten him!  Quietly he emerges from the dark corner of my soul.

old tao sage

old tao sage

So what matters?  Why does it matter so much
to me?  Who is “I”?
Let it go, dear heart, and be in touch.






My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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A Cell of Stone and Light and Wood


oak near elstree


I hear a certain Master say:  there is always balance, the being of the light and shadow, the hard and the soft;  and to receive and dance the Changes with courtesy.

His name is Master Han Shan. He is a Real Person (embodied, should I say) in history.   He was a medieval Chinese poet;  he wrote his poems on stone and on trees in the Tien-T’ai mountains, and had a wife whom he adored.   Descending among us, he recognises her among the characters in a story of London today; she is a loving student of his own disciple Dzukh.  You can find Master Han’s revelations in this magical book just published by Barbara Brown.  I shall review the book here, very soon.


It is sweet: and the nectar comes.   London’s shadows are passing clouds upon the city’s depth of human beauty and uncertainty, and the way we meet … linking the eccentric streets of Kentish Town to Hackney Marshes:  linking a marriage questing centre, to feral youths with knives, who are taught the martial art of the Sword.


china natnl flwr

Master Han’s element is the Air.  He is a come-together sweetness of plum-blossom in the air.   Let us gather together, draw together.   Deep rest.

Free this morning, to tune into Master Han and Master Jung for my solace and guidance: I find myself and the sound of seagulls being the salty sea itself in London, and I bask.

Every time this element touches me, the quiet sages emerge from their corners and rejoice.   A corner of Life is packed with possibility.  I am myself, aflow.  A beloved sage in each corner of the room ! … is summoned not by pentacle but by subtle Recognition, as we receive each other through Life, and coalesce.   Talitha cumi:  rise.  Not only do They counsel me:  They meet and embrace each other through my soul, and rejoice.   You are Their place of meeting. Wonderful is the moment, the instant for ever:   the coloured cloak.

My Tarot Key today is 11:  Justice.  Equilibrium, the raised Sword.   Here is a temple of wisdom, a vaulted Cube of space.   I can go into it when I like.  LAMED is its Hebrew letter – the uncoiled serpent, the ox goad, the Law which drove the most powerful beast of the ancient world;  who ploughed the field and harnessed the Light:  Sani’s oxen in the Indian Jyotish.

Saturn’s T or TAV is drawn upon the breast of the Queen of Equilibrium, above the Karmic scales.   The sword held upright in Her right hand, initiates:   Saturn in Libra, sign of Venus,  is exalted.


My cloud obscured the bright chamber; then it passes. I can visualise and enter now, the interior, and the way we move together in the Cube of space, and the colours, and my friends.  It liberates; the sweet, severe music may sound.

Cube of Space, with compass and Tarot Keys

Cube of Space, with compass and Tarot Keys


The Rosicrucean Vault is an inner cube, whose golden proportion, wall to vault, is 5:3, adding to 8 the figure of infinity.  In this old illustration,  the wheels tell us it is portable ... within us everywhere, it goes

The Great Work of Alchemy in the world.  The Rosicrucean Vault is an inner cube, whose golden proportion, walls to vault, measures 3:5 or 5:8 – the figure of infinity. In this old illustration, the wheels convey that it is portable … within us everywhere, it goes !


 The Red Book Today, with Jung.
“The western tendency … turns everything into methods and intentions. Letting things happen, the action through non action, the letting go of myself … opens the door to the way.”


Yet there are outlines and forms to dance, as emerging just now:  Key 11 Justice, is Sword Form in the martial art.   I was shown yesterday, to let its tip point not AT but upward and IN … with the antakharana, the waterfall, the shared polar-axis thread, the KAV of the Tree.


“Just as in Christianity the vow of worldly poverty turned the mind away from the riches of this earth, so spiritual poverty seeks to renounce the false riches of the spirit in order to withdraw not only from the sorry remnants – which today call themselves the protestant Churches – of a great past, but also from all the allurements of exotic aromas, in order finally, to turn back to itself, where in the cold light of consciousness, the blank barrenness of the world reaches to the very stars.”


I love this.    A cell of stone and light, with the sound of the sea.   Without cleverness.




Now The Red Book’s CHAPTER FIVE – the Descent into Hell

red book images ch.5


“Should I fall?  Wither?  It is a dreadful deep ...”     (That is like the Wind through the Tree which blew a certain stubborn fruit too hard.  When the fruit is blown too hard and finally breaks loose, it whines as it is whirled through the air, and complains when it hits the ground … and loses the plot.  Stubborn resistance of mind developed the tough stem. )

The illumined cap for this chapter, is an H for Hell, but it is curved like a Saturn glyph.  It is painted gold, against a hot fiery spill of light into the darkness.

In the small painting below this, he in white robe enters the Shadow kingdom of chaos, with its gibbering voices and coils of darkness and serpentine eyes.

red book images ch.5 descent


The dark is itself a serpent coiling and uncoiling around him. Jung’s next small painting is of a dead grey deep, but a black scarab with golden eyes floats across it from an eery red sun on the right, to a cave-opening (to the light) leftward – but that space is the bleeding human form.

red book images ch.5 scarab


“One must give one’s heart to man, but one’s intellect to the spirit of humanity, God.  Then His work can be beyond vanity, since there is no more hypocritical whore than the intellect when it replaces the heart.”

In the text, he crawls through a narrow crack (birth) and wades through muddy black water towards a luminous red stone – the eery sun.  He holds the stone – a hexagonal crystal, which covers a hole.  He tries to ignore the gibbering voices, something wants to be uttered, he puts his ear to the opening. The bloody head of a man floats by on the dark stream, and then the black scarab.  These are the scorn and intellectual arrogance which blight and darken the world and make – with the Great War of 1914-1945 – all things inconsequential and banal;  like a failed sunlight.

For the head of man is in the Hebrew letter RESH, the true Countenance of Tarot key 19 – the Children of the Sun.  The black scarab beetle is a hidden gold.

Hermetic Arcanum 19 - Children of the Sun


Something wants to be uttered, by the hole.   Jung waits.  He shudders for a long time as the hero and the black scarab float by: the Egyptian Sun in dark mourning.

In 1925, he said, “… The light in the cave from the crystal was I thought, like the stone of wisdom.  The secret murder of the hero I could not understand at all.  The beetle of course I knew to be an ancient sun symbol, and the setting sun, the luminous red disk was archetypical.  The serpents might have been connected with Egyptian material….  I was able to link the picture up with the sea of blood I had previously fantasized about.   Soon after, I had a dream in which the hero Siegfried was killed by myself … destroying the hero ideal of my efficiency.  This has to be sacrificed in order that an new adaptation can be made …  the sacrifice of the superior function in order to get at the libido necessary to activate the inferior functions.”

This is transpersonal, in the sense that the Hero figure is outgrown and re-mastered collectively in the century’s generations to follow, and in the current media mess.

The secret murder recalls that of Hiram Abiff – (the heart and wisdom of the masonic Temple) – by the shallow intellect.   The old symbols are collected in the Great Akashic Museum, common property of all humanity.


At the time of Jung’s writing, science was full of arrogance.  The fallout from that arrogance continues as technology-worship;  but among the clever monkey brains there are by now many men and women of science who wonder, and who keep their question open:  in Jung’s red-book day, the Quantum discovery and Relativity theory were yet to come: men like Bohm and Capra and their seed.

The dense Kali Yuga yet prompts deep intelligences of the Light:  and a counteractive movement of the Spirit.   The Spirit of humanity gains sensitive intelligence deep down, as its surface representative decays.

Jung saw thousands of serpents striving toward a red sun in the depth – they veil it – and a stream of thick red blood welled up;  he was seized with fear.

Jung said – Heal the wounds that doubt inflicts on me, my soul … I am still a victim of my thinking.  He struggles to see his guide, through the howling thoughts, those unruly hounds.  He must drink the bitter draught to the lees.  The bad prison master of his Knowledge threatened to collapse and engulf him in a lightless cell.

My God;  his writing …   “Protect me from the serpent of judgement which only appears to be a healing serpent, yet in Your depths is infernal poison and agonizing death.  I want to go down cleansed into Your depths with white garments, and not rush in like some thief, seizing whatever I can and fleeing breathlessly.  Let me persist in divine astonishment, so that I am ready to behold Your wonders.  Let me lay my head on a stone before your door, so that I am prepared to receive Your light.”

A window: isle of eigg, hebrides

A window: isle of eigg, hebrides

Afford courtesy, grace, time and space, to the denizens before the door.   Give it time.  Give the Master recognition and time.

small mandala





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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“Aquariel” – the Goddess and Tao Trees of Life

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Savitri the Sun: world Shakti (ja 1990)

Inside any religious war is the old, old elephant story.

Extract from “The Alternative Elephant Tale” as told by John Tissandier:  “One day, a group of blind men on a journey came across something in their path.  The first man felt its tail and said, “I think we must be outside the gates of a palace.  I can feel the bell pull …”  “and here’s a fan!” said another, pulling an ear; “or is it a boatyard?” piped up one of the more independently minded, who had walked under and felt the belly.  And so they all worked themselves up with speculations.

Just then, mocking laughter was heard.  Another man arrived.  “You silly old coots!  There is no palace there.  You are standing by an elephant!” 

“What nonsense,” cried the blind men.  “We all investigated the matter and are in full agreement that this is a palace.”  “And anyway,” added one, “why should you know any better?”  “Because my eyes work, that’s why,” said the newcomer.  “I can see clearly.”  “It’s easy for you to say that,” said one of the blind men, “but why should we believe you?  You may be a liar … “

They were coming to blows, when a jnani arrived … and said politely, “What is going on?  I see no elephant, no palace.”

“What nonsense is this?” cried the blind men in dismay.   One of them said, “You see no elephant, no palace, no guards’ swords, bell pull, fan or boatyard.  Let’s find out what you see at the end of my boot.”  And with that, he took a swing in the direction of the jnani.


elephant tale

Resting … there is a solar mantra always – “Lord, thou art God”.   (I don’t mind if God is a lord or a lady.  It is immaterial;  the holy One is both, and all, and none, and more.)

Madonna & two brats, copy from Botticelli

David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) wrote a book called Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom goddesses – my favourite for dipping into.  He discusses imaginatively, each aspect of the Goddess:  her seer, her psychology, her energy field, her mantric vibration and her Yantra … and the interior images to worship her with.   Each goddess is an out-rush or in-dwelling of our nature.   So to illumine and celebrate each strand, is individuation – the discovery that each unique appearance in full flower is sustained in the One.

The Tantric wisdom goddesses flow in delta streams from the Goddess Tara

One of them is called Bagalamukha, the silence of speech.  The one after her, is Matangi, the beauty of speech.

1957, talking

fairy queen, 1957

Those Goddesses are … not enthroned deities, but speech, movement, expression and awareness.  They are the winds across the sky, which speak in the trees and through my soul by day and night.   The tide moves in and out.  Their “worship” – burning sweet savours – is to remember attention.  They are as real as my hands and feet.   Their silver currents play in the golden sun … of the sand-rippled river of Saraswathi.

Sacred India Tarot Saraswathi

Each day, when I remember, let me sketch the goddess in her wise and saucy ways;  her mood music here and now.

Anxiety ’87

How immediate and actual the Goddess is.   She isn’t some remote figure with a crown and attributes.  She is life.  She is right here – every vein and essence of her.

It must be wonderfully satisfying for a Yogi-man to know this, and to love her with each breath.  Such was Ganapati Muni.   He breathed her in, and out came his thousands of verses.

Ganapati Muni, giver of Mantras

Some persons have a special planetary quality.  They glide among us, enhancing life.  Their private troubles convert to rays of sunshine.

In a sit-still between sentences, I bask in the Mother-goddess’s arms, the wide and tender ways.

Mothers bathing brats, 1954

The warmth of the mother goddess’s arms includes my spiky vulnerabilities, my disturbed flesh and femininity, the way I climb and creep and feel naked without a cosmetic armoury… and make silly mistakes and say stupid things, and am marvellous.

Then it is marvellous for a male to be open enough and honest with himself, to know us, and be curious.

winter, after botticelli, 1956


Here comes Durga in The Sacred India Tarot.  You can just see her sixth hand gentling the Great pussycat.  Durga is the top-of-the-pops feminine deity in India.  She protects with ferocity – her arrow swings to the super-glitz asura, who raises his blank palm in the foreground. Together with the terrific tension of her weapon and focus, is the almost un-noticed pair of arms that rest calmly down her side and stroke the lion’s head.


Rohit Arya refers to her as “the gathered, manifest essence of the powers of all the gods … roaming the wilds of desert and forest at will, and being given a wide berth … the Maha Shakti restrains the lion with love, rather than flay him alive; yet she is remote, and accelerates spiritual evolution rather than play nice.” (my précis)

He interprets her as the ability to carry others along with the original and creative amalgam.  But problems arising have to be confronted immediately, and with the necessary force and displeasure.

DURGA is “Hail goddess, amalgam of all the elements, whose form is strength.   Her we worship.”  This implies also, how anger bursts out from the women of history who were locked away … like the pouncing lion, the breaking wave.  Standing still yet emanates the force.

aphrodite prince swords 1957


There is a skill, a secret in handling tiredness.  Try to tao within her symptomic parameter.  Then there is always room.  Force has no need to be applied with force.   Of course tired-heavy feels disagreeable and up against it, disabled and dispirited.  Don’t make her an enemy.  Adjust and live in her tide at present, going slow, don’t hurry.   This too shall pass.   I am depleted, to re-fill.  I am aging.  The Golden Dust flows on, whatever.  Upturn my face, white sunflower.

Galatea 1956

There is a meeting with fresh old strata in an upward way – a spiritual or energetic climb from a somerset level.   A mendip hill …

on Somerset levels ’95

I feel inspired by companions and deep seekers in the “aquariel” community.   I am not behind closed doors, and neither are they.

Now AQUARIEL is rather a good word!   It holds inner trigrams of aquarius – water, air and enquiry. “The High Priestess reigns with all heaven, and is served by all Hades.”  (Eliphas Levi).  Hades is the underworld, the store of images, akasha and old scores together.  It is our collective-subconscious memory.  Yesod, as the astral plane, stores our Hades … through whose fourth dimension (Daat in the Tree) the Priestess moves, to YCh’DH, Kether.

bound heroine 1957

centaur goddess1957

priestess 1957

There is an art in allowing with clarity, the mood music to be heard and seen:  the formations in the waters of mind and heart.  To see them is their savour.  When I speak before savouring, it is all over the place, muddied, ignorant and “not what I meant.”   Replace the art of noise with the art of poise.



Finally, here are three Tree of Life paintings –  the Tree embodying daily life and tides:


a Tao Tree of Life


Tree of Life Adam Qadmon


Tree of Life fountain breath




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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