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“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” Marsha Norman

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Discovery 1963 - a painting done at school

Discovery 1963 – a painting done at school

Last week, a spontaneous meditation arose in my journal, after posting “A Bed for a Language“.  Then at the weekend, my father rang up about the Voice he heard at night, which told him: “I am You are a particle-ar expression of the universe. There is no separation”.   (See previous post, The Wrestlers).

This is germane to a new wheel – sphere – of time.   I’d like to know who else is feeling this, and seeing through a frameless window:  2013.   For sure, many bloggers are.

old Kabbalah engraving - look through into Beriah

old Kabbalah engraving – look through into Beriah


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(23 January) – Here is last week’s brief, profound  impression:  it came in the early morning before I got up.  It is simple.  Elect to KNOW, that all about and in and around me are atomic particles of prana – the BEING to breathe into – my traumas too, are life giving atoms – seeds of Consciousness.   Rather than weep and wail with their nightmare (=tension), let trauma particles convert into prana particles, which in essence they are.  The tidal breath.   Walk the shining sands within my heart.

This potentially changes everything.  It is the Great Meditation of the Sun;  the grains of sand in Mother Ganga.

It is a crucial transmutation to this day and age.

Why?  Because the imprint of despair, fear and pain DISABLES whole societies.   Whereas the conversion of it to prana-awareness EMPOWERS me and you in all directions, as society.  It is subtle, inward and secret.  We have to keep practicing.

The solar photon moves in every direction of infinity, connecting with itself.  Life on earth is a golden lattice through the waters.  Gold in the rock is congealed sunlight.   The sun on a wet street is a path of gold.  Yet we value more, our trinkets!   What monkeys we are.  Keep practicing.  Keep opening the shutters.

Self empowering is the decision to charge each particle positively, unhampered by regret, rage or revenge.   A radically different Universe/environment opens.   The collective human consciousness is pinned down at the moment by a mass negative persuasion, afflicting us at every level of lower Yetzirah (World of Formation, the psyche).   To some observers, this appears as the Greys, aliens, insomnia and paranoid government conspiracies.

Self empowering is the local decision anywhere, to turn this fantasy – the miasm – RIGHT ROUND, here and now.   Despair, negativity and horror are socially acceptable and condoned – a deep herd instinct, blinkers –  a corral into which to shove the sheep.  Yes, what appears to be a sinister focus clumps together and is self made.  And yes, here and now is the alternative,  to embody, and to make it CONTAGIOUS in any way we can.  But it needs exercise.  Take off the blindfold.  Blow the brave gold dandelion clock.   It explodes into seeds of light:  speech.

The seeds are dainty, fragile, almost invisible.  But they are SUNS.  But they are Suns, and nothing (when they are aware and embodied) can adulterate them.  Nothing can destabilize Reality.

So … to locate the dandelion seeds in and around heart and solar plexus being, sponsoring these rather than the old metalled road of Name and Blame – is the high and inward art.

solar lioness orbits 1988

solar lioness orbits 1988


I am practical about God.   I am a subatomic particle in God’s body, and I wake up.  Even just sometimes for a moment, is a start.  I am a starling in the flock murmuration, and I wake up.   Gravity is the action of co-creativity.   Nothing moves in isolation, except thoughts which are apparently born, strive and die.   Blind thoughts.

What do I identify with?   The dark thought which stresses so invitingly?  Or the seed of Light?

My thoughts and wounds and resistance are local turbulences which like sunspots appear dark against the Light.   They are the Light – intensely so.   My thoughts when I awaken, disrobe – like the man and his coat with the blustering wind which tried to blow it off him, and the sun whose warmth made him take it off.   And I am not alone.

The dark thought is One and the Same –  seed of Light.

To truly recollect the stepped-up Presence of the Companions of the Light … stop to feel  the atoms – pin-points of space and being.   Let my brackish brick panics  crumble into the golden powder of the Light:  self empowerment – hold the lamp and light my way.

Key arcanum 9:  Hermit Yod - Hermetic Tarot 1991

Key arcanum 9: Hermit Yod – Hermetic Tarot 1991

This is the purpose of catastrophes in life – for the Awakening power which converts them.  The Awakening power is a COMMAND STATION.   I command.  It is my sweet revenge on the delusion in all ages which harassed and trampled the feminine earth and our children.


"God - as the ignorant misconceive him" - arcanum 15, hermetic tarot 1991

“God – as the ignorant misconceive him” – arcanum 15, hermetic tarot 1991

Paul Foster Case wrote: “Materialistic science seldom perceives that what it calls ‘laws of nature’ are no more than incomplete reports of what has been observed by persons in nowise liberated from the delusions engendered by superficial interpretation of appearances.  All that any research worker in any field of science can study, is what enters his mind through his impression of sensation.  If he change his outlook, he will enter another world, and will be able to wield powers which go beyond the limits of the mere statistical averages … For modern science, a ‘law of nature’ is actually no more than a statement of what probably may be expected in a given set of circumstances …” 


“… The inverted pentagram on the Devil’s brow is the ignorant belief that will power is of personal origin, so that each human being has a will of his own which he is free to exert, contrary to the laws of God and nature.”

Builders of the Adytum (


Link to The Reckless Fruit (2)

So … we flip that pentacle round.  We poke some fun at the pompous old billy.  We tweak his beard.  We laugh at ourselves.


Anne Davies, Paul Foster Case & Students in the 1940s

Anne Davies, Paul Foster Case & Students in the 1940s


The Will of the Wheel of the Sun, is the power of all the Worlds, of which I am you are a particle.

My father heard this also, independently, a few days later.  And you?


(24 January) – The same particle brushes the Himalayas with a feather each aeon of the Tahagatha –  or appears as Hermes to my untidy kitchen table.  Reality has infinite space, inward as out.

A still small voice from time to time brings me thoughts of a deep transformative simple kind which I long to grasp and make permanent !  It is to do with non-possessive, non-possessed.   They slip away like fish.  The intention feels weak because I cannot pin it down, yet it is vast like GRAVITY (or starlings).  The still small voice leads the way from thickets into the light.   Trust it.   It will keep coming, and it is only my monkey mind which is weak.

Professor Branestawme inside the clock orbits

Professor Branestawme inside the clock orbits, 1988


Lead, lead, lead into and as the Light.

Yes, the notion of prana particle is – translates in life to – self empowerment, authority to be myself, and to select where and how and with whom I want to be – as Hermes Trismegistos said, re deep sea fish and mountain high – (see the quotation below).   It coopts to the  (divine) operation of the Will.

Hermes & Pythoness

Hermes & Pythoness 1987


Hermes sings:

“Become higher than all height, lower than all depths, comprehend in yourself the qualities of all the creatures, of the Fire, the Water, the Dry, and Moist, and conceive likewise that you can at once be everywhere, in the Sea, in the Earth. 

“You shall at once understand yourself, not yet begotten in the womb, young, old, to be dead, the things after death, and all these together, as also times, places, deeds, qualities, quantities – or else you cannot yet comprehend God. 

“But if you shut up your soul in the body, and abuse it, and say ‘I understand nothing, I can co nothing, I am afraid of the Sea, I cannot climb up to Heaven, I know not who I am, I cannot tell what I shall be’ –  What have you to do with God?  For you can understand none of those fair and good things AND be a lover of the evil limitation.  For it is the greatest evil, not to know God.

“But to be able to know, and to will, and to hope, is the straight way, and Divine way, proper to the Good;  and it will everywhere meet you, and everywhere be seen by you, plain and easy, when you don’t expect or look for it;  it will meet you waking, sleeping, sailing, travelling, by night, by day, when you speak, and when you keep silence.  For there is nothing which is not the Image of God.”

Hermes Trismegistos,  
Divine Pymander 10th Book:  The Mind to Hermes, Dr Everard translation

Hermes and the age of Pisces

Hermes and the age of Pisces


It amounts to – not being tangled in the hedge of neurotic fears, but to place my aim (I am) on the particle … like a little skateboard.   Keep practicing.   Little particles, like motes in sunbeam, move around and through my middle.  My vessels.  Decision.   The Window.

abba aima ama:   ahieh asher ahieh

(Father, dark-Mother, light-Mother:  I am That I am, as spoken from the burning bush.  Moses had a speech impediment:  he could not pronounce consonants.  So the Name given him to pronounce, being consonant-free, has no impediment, no separation.

Of the same kind are TAT TWAM ASI – that thou Art /sanskrit, and the Tamil NAM YAR? who am I? /Ramana Maharshi.)


Before Reality (satori) chop wood, draw water – after satori chop wood, draw water:  a Kabbalist friend has a very good version of this story, when he gets back from work this evening, I shall call him, and add it here.   For me, the strange discomfort of being human.  Headache, incipient unwell cold, insomnia & weary …  Time stops and life goes on.   Much to balance out.  Does the old brook complain about flowing over grit and sharp earthy stones?

Hermes Trismegistos Alexandria lineage - ja 2003

Hermes Trismegistos Alexandria lineage – ja 2003.  Note the Thoth bird ibis, standing on the dragon




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