Gene Keys

Gene Keys


We live in amazing times. So many discoveries are being made in so many scientific fields. When biologists first mapped the genetic code they were stunned by how much information the cells of your body can hold. Did you know that if you stretched out the coils of your entire genetic code it would reach to the edge of our solar system? That’s over 6 billion miles. So the scientists are only just beginning to figure out what our true human potential is. One of the latest breakthroughs has come through a field known as Epigenetics, which is the study of how external forces such as the environment and conditioning can impact and affect our DNA. It’s a breakthrough that is redefining everything we have ever learned about biology and genetics. In a nutshell, the breakthrough is this – that our attitude, our thoughts, feelings, words, intentions are actually programming, affecting and actually changing our physical DNA on a daily basis. .

“This is the central premise of the Gene Keys – that your attitude shapes your reality at a deep physical and chemical level. This means that you are in direct control of your health and happiness at all times. Now this mostly takes place on an unconscious level, but the secret is our attitude. The central purpose of the Gene Keys is to transform your attitude to life at a profound level. They give you an understanding of why your life is the way it is and they open you up to the possibility that you can completely change your life at every level. Once you begin to work with your Gene Keys, infinite possibilities open up before you. You begin to taste the freedom of your own genius. You begin to remember why you are here.”

Richard Rudd


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5 thoughts on “Gene Keys

  1. Jane, what a curious schizophrenia you must endure to be neck deep in Rameshism and still promote the attitudinal folderal of gene keys? I guess any opinion on any opinion forever back to the non-source source can be chalked up to god’s will – which leaves us in exactly the same non-place place from which we imagine we started but didn’t really. I hope my attitude is in the right place for my DNA to benefit and program the happiest day of my life thus far, and if it doesn’t, as long as there is no involvement, what would I care anyway?

    Is that what you’re trying to convey or have I lost my way?

    • Thank you for your comment. Ramesh Balsekar (and he was never an ‘ism’!) said, ‘Enjoy your life. If God’s will is for you to enjoy Kabbalah, art and poetry, so be it!’ That was helpful, as I had wondered at the time (20 years ago) if I should ‘minimalise’ my way of life – some of the people around him were rather dogmatic.

      We are all unique below the surface scratchings. I don’t ‘try to convey anything’ except an open mind. I meet old friends in the gene keys practice and teaching – including Ramesh’s philosophy and Advaita – and freshen my view and start again.

      There is as much variety in the ways to source as there is in human expression and history. Does a palette have just one colour? or a restaurant offer a single dish? or a landscape always the same weather?

      If the gene keys is not your cup of tea, no worries. Be well!

  2. You haven’t said anything and I didn’t expect otherwise. If we have an idea the next thing we are compelled to do is defend it somehow. I’d like to be well, but God’s will will prevail in that department, Ramesh may have been on to something or maybe he just liked to play the ‘thy will be done card’. Same to you of course, be well.

    I hope you don’t mind if I worry, it isn’t personal.

  3. Thank You Jane Adams!

    I most certainly appreciate Gene Keys (wearing out my copy is my only “complaint” ; ~ )! The re-shaping potential of attitude is fascinating to me!

    I’d like to offer that there are exceptions to “palette” and restaurant[1]. Single color paintings exist. They indicate a palette of ” just one colour” albeit in different strengths and dilutions. I was an art student and did whole “canvas” color exercises with single colors. What a perception-altering experience!


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