Jane Adams (b.14 January 1949)  is the author of The Dreamer in The Dream – a collection of short stories on esoteric themes, published June 2012 by 0 Books – and collaborator (with Rohit Arya) in The Sacred India Tarot (Yogi Impressions Books, November 2011) for which she did the 82 paintings.   Additionally, she self-publishes her poetry and art, from home.  For ten years, she edited and produced the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK Journal, Self Enquiry.  Jane began drawing, painting and writing at five years old, worked as a portraitist later on, and ploughed her talents into an extensive study of the Ageless Wisdom, east and west.   This blog is a journal of Kabbalah, Vedanta and Alchemy.  It includes extracts from Jane’s daily writings, art work, and news of ongoing work and publishing.


Well, that was an “About” of sorts …   I didn’t know what might happen.

But what is this really about?   Having rolled out my log and been paddling on it for some three months now (September 2012), it is – the element – how we all create it:  a conversation.  Many posts are prompted and inspired by other bloggers’ thoughts and inspirations.  The conversation is of rivers, all oceanic, converging spontaneously with an unseen skipper who smiles.  Community is a discovery every day.   Thank you!


175 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jane,
    Do you sell prints of your art work? I especially liked the chakras on the tree of life painting.


  2. Hi Jane, I am a long time admirer of your work. I have your tarot deck (I made a video about it on my youtube/22teachings) and I have followed your journal entries for years. I’m a hermetic practitioner and I have been writing/performing the Qabalistic pathworkings which I began in June of 2018, and tonight will be the final one, Kether. It is the most profound magical operation I have ever set myself to. I share this to let you know that you have been a beacon upon my journey, and a huge inspiration. I have seen your Gene Keys work have some interesting parallels with where I happened to be at the time. Thank you for all that you do. Infinite blessings, Naha

    • Hello, I am delighted and encouraged to hear from you in so timely a way. I am just about to resume posting to my blog, and have things in the pipeline awaiting polishing. There is a big pile up of writings and material as you may imagine. Life and the Guardians occupy us in various ways of the One, as you know. I will look out for your youtube with the Tarot deck. Many blessings with your celebration of Kether tonight. The upper worlds are firmly planted in the ground at this time, and the sun rises. We will keep in touch. Jane


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