Jane Adams (b.14 January 1949)  is the author of The Dreamer in The Dream – a collection of short stories on esoteric themes, published June 2012 by 0 Books – and collaborator (with Rohit Arya) in The Sacred India Tarot (Yogi Impressions Books, November 2011) for which she did the 82 paintings.   Additionally, she self-publishes her poetry and art, from home.  For ten years, she edited and produced the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK Journal, Self Enquiry.  Jane began drawing, painting and writing at five years old, worked as a portraitist later on, and ploughed her talents into an extensive study of the Ageless Wisdom, east and west.   This blog is a journal of Kabbalah, Vedanta and Alchemy.  It includes extracts from Jane’s daily writings, art work, and news of ongoing work and publishing.


Well, that was an “About” of sorts …   I didn’t know what might happen.

But what is this really about?   Having rolled out my log and been paddling on it for some three months now (September 2012), it is – the element – how we all create it:  a conversation.  Many posts are prompted and inspired by other bloggers’ thoughts and inspirations.  The conversation is of rivers, all oceanic, converging spontaneously with an unseen skipper who smiles.  Community is a discovery every day.   Thank you!


170 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Jane,
    I have been posting your artwork on Twitter for the beleaguered Yazidi people using your blog as the reference source. I am in contact via Twitter to a @DrWidadAkrawi who is PhD in #GlobalHealth | NGO-Diplomat | #Author | Speaker | #Peace Advocate |Art-Supporter| AwardWinner | #SaveYazidis | FB By Wikip: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Widad-Akrawi/135651139803095 … She has asked me for a contact so she can get in touch with you to seek permission to use your artwork for a Save the Yazidi’s campaign. I can’t find you on Twitter or Facebook. Do you have an email contact for her so she can talk to you??

    Kind regards,

  2. I just saw her Facebook page highlighted :)) maybe you can contact her through Facebook? This woman has worked so hard to get politicians to do more to save these people. 😦 your artwork will help her with the campaign.

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  4. Hi Jean – I love your pictures of the planets! I am writing a book on how to incorporate the planets in your daily life. It will be called something like “Celestial Alignment”. I would like to include individual pictures of the seven planets and wondering if this is something you might be able to help me with? If so, could you email me your contact number so that we can chat.

    many thanks
    Susan Pfau

  5. Dear Jean,
    I love this blog. I learned Tarot and I was producer of Alexandro Jodorowsky for some years. I would like to get in touch with you.
    all the best

  6. Very exquisite and so nicely aligned, so faithful. And this mention of “alignment” in the above comment — of the essence. And so much of it, so rich, so illuminating and graceful. Thank you.

    What I am doing now — is contemplating something like this sacred geometry — trees and circles and centers and ladders and hubs and chakras and groups — and considering what feels like the archetypical design for social integration — the wholeness of humanity, while recognizing “diversity” and creative ferment. I think it’s all supposed to emerge as a “network of circles” — and it would be so interesting if you had a design insight or sketch on this.

    In a way, it seems extremely simple — the simpler the better, I think. The thought: in an aligned circle of spiritual people, there is a “congruence” — the energy of each individuals “overshadows” or “becomes congruent with” — to some degree — with each other person in the circle. Plus the circle has its own center. And all of this is held in one single integral/holistic embrace. And all of this shares a common center across descending levels, from the absolute universal whole to the immediate local context. So there is only one center across all these descending levels.

    The vision of universal ethics is — everything should/must be expressed with respect to the whole. In a fragmented world, how do we do this? There is an axis of descent, a connecting line, a “plumbline” — that is the universal ethical standard of wholeness that should (?) guide every particular choice. This alignment supposed connects every decision at the local point back to the universal wholeness.

    Article: “The absolute crystal architecture of universal center”

    And a picture of the circle:

    Blessings and thanks

    – Bruce

      • hello Bruce – I am really delighted by your vision and your article, which makes me think of solar energy, and is along the lines of how I work – I will read yours properly and come back to you.

    • I am very excited by what you write here, I shared it to my facebook, and I find myself in situations where we put it into practice. I shall email you a few sketches, later this week. Let’s keep in touch

  7. Hi Jane, thanks for the very positive comments, very uplifting. I’ve been absorbing this all day, while writing a little bit for “The Great Transition Initiative” — http://greattransition.org/

    And I wrote a response to your comment in an email — that I think got bounced back. Do you have an email address you can share with me? You can write directly to me at my address. If I have your address, I can post directly to you and my longish comment with an attached image won’t get stuck in the WordPress system.

  8. Hi Jane
    I just came across your beautiful image of the flower and tree of life on a google image search. I wanted to use it in an animated explanation of Human Design and Gene Keys on my web site. You can view it here: http://www.marianmills.co.uk/human-design-jargon/
    When I came back to your site to check how I could contact you to request your permission I discovered that you are also a fan of the Gene Keys – how wonderful,

    If you have any issues with my use of your image, please let me know and I will replace it. It really was the one that kept pinging out at me – I love it!

  9. Hello Marian, yes I am happy for you to use it. Is it the tree of life in the flower of life drawing? I look forward to see your animation – I cannot find it in the link you sent, so can you send another link? Yes indeed – I have worked with the gene keys for six months now and am doing the golden path – see my genekeysdiary blog. I have not yet checked out HD. All best – J.

  10. Hi Jane,

    I love your artwork and blog! Would it be possible to use your illustrations of Robert and Nisargadatta for two educational short films about their teachings, which would then be uploaded to YouTube?


    • I’m happy you like it! Thanks so much for letting me use your illustration. It captures Maharaj wonderfully and really adds to the film! I’ll let you know when the Robert one is ready. It might take a little longer as I haven’t found the music yet. Here is the first one I made, which is on Bhagavan:

      Thanks again!


      • I didn’t know The Razors Edge was made into a film. I enjoyed this book many years ago. I much like your selection of quotes from it and from Ramana’s words, and the silence they rest upon. Thanks!

      • Hi Jane,

        I tried to make a short film for Robert, but it just didn’t click like the Nisargadatta film, so it’ll just be the one film with Maharaj I’m afraid. But again thank you for permitting me to use your illustrations.. 🙂

        Also, if you are interested, I am currently editing a series of talks on Bhagavan narrated by David Godman. You may have already seen them? We are uploading them as and when they get finish. Here is the link:



  11. Hi Jane – I’d like to make contact with you regarding your beautiful rendition of Paul Foster Case. We’re seeking permission to publish the art for an article on Paul Foster Case.
    Look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
    Kind regards
    David Jones
    New Dawn Magazine

  12. Hi, Jane
    I got really inspired with your blog. Lots of good associations between the east and west paths of wisdom! I was about to develop a drawing about the Tattwas and the tree of life, and then I saw your beautiful fusion of these 2 different visions of creation.
    Best from Brazil

    Renato Palmuti

  13. Hi Jane,

    I was just wondering if you have you ever illustrated Robert’s vision in Arunachala:

    “”As many of you know, I have had a constant vision, periodically, of myself going
    to Arunachala, the sacred mountain where Ramana Maharshi lived. And the mountain is
    hollow,in the vision. And I go through the mountain, to the center, where there’s a bright
    light, a thousand times brighter than the sun, yet it’s pleasing and calm, and
    there’s no heat. And then I meet Ramana, Jesus, Ramakrishna, Nisargadatta, Lao Tse, and
    others. And we smile at each other, we walk toward each other, and melt into one light,
    and become one. Then there’s a blinding light and an explosion, sort of. And then I open
    my eyes. I’ve shared that with you before.”

    Transcript 4
    The Four Principles of
    Self Realization of Noble Wisdom
    19th August, 1990



  14. Avec mon aile / “HelLOVElouté” fraternel
    pour saluer et féliciter échange mélange trèsORange
    du coeur de “JANE ADAM SART”

    Et re”MERCY/MERCi”er pour précieuse présence
    PARTAGE mets / SAGEsse de son bloGardien-PHARE
    Fardé / ECLAiRière / Regard / h(Art)monie / NiDivine richesse esquisse
    au service de la CREATiON du SACREateur GRANDiose …

    Bien que mon coeur enfantin t(e)inté “d’ iNFO / “Folie / HOLiNESS”
    Esquisse SACRE-C(h)OEUR”, demeure encore très ignorant
    N’ayant pu tout lire et découvrir tous les trésors de votre blog …
    (Selon dicton français “bien de chez nous” =
    Pas évident être au “four et au moulin” !)

    Et avec humble humour = y a du boulot pour tout comprendre … !

    Puisque, de nos jours, l’esprit de l’ être humain et son regarDu coeur
    possèdent-t-ils suffisamment d’ HUMiLiTE, de compassion envers son prochain,
    de SAGEsse miséricordieuse en ESPRiT SAiNT
    pour recevoir certaines GRACEs, selon volonté divine,
    donnant accès à certains secrets de sa CREATiON “CHRiST”alline … ?!

    PRiORiTE de l’ ESPRiT SAiNT/scintillant de LJOYaux Cieux =
    au C(h)OEUR de son AMOUR SAiNT =

    Que l’ HUMANiTE accomplisse son service d’ AMOUR SAiNT, envers son prochain
    afin servir dessein divin de l’ “AMiE / MiséricORDiEUse” PAiX de LYSière “CHRiST”alline …
    du Paradis / DiVinC(h)oeuRONDe JOY(aux) Cieux, Profonde PAiX de COLOMBE … AMEN

    Encore MERCY / MERCi pour intéressante recherche talentueuse
    de votre travail, à la fois / foi SPiRiTuellement ARTistique …

    GOD BLESS YOU, guide votre coeur et inspire votre esprit
    de servir son dessein divin pour avancer vers sa SAiNTeté,
    chemin ELU(e)mière RePERE ETERNiTY ALLELUïA

  15. Greetings and love dear Jane! I hope this message finds you well:)

    we are putting together a short series of youtube videos for people who spent time with Robert Adams to share their personal stories and remembrances. (5-10 minutes long is ideal)

    If you (or someone you know) would like to contribute please email robertadamsstudents@gmail.com.
    lots of love

  16. Hello Jane. Thank you for so many wonderful texts of different wisdom and insights here.

    I would like to ask you for permission to use some illustrations, or at least one, as well as Robert Adams texts, on my blog in Brazil, http://dharmalog.com. I would translate to portuguese and then publish. Full credit and link, of course. I appreciate.

    Peace & Love,

    • Hello Derek. The deck is not yet for sale, because I have not completed the book which goes with it. However, THIS WEEK I just resumed the work on it and hope to finish it soon! I will announce on the blog when it is done, and possibly produce it as an e-book. We shall see. Thank you so much for your timely comment and for getting in touch.

      • I would personally love to own a copy of it but I understand your work is going to sell either way. It illustrates concepts that fall flat with other tarot decks. It has the deeper meanings presented to both individuals who understand it and beginners trying to understand more. I commend your work, it’s very meticulous .

  17. Dear Jane, I would like your permission to use your sketches of John Moore, Vera Moore and Constantin Brancusi to illustrate an interview with film director Ionut Teianu about a new documentary (will premiere in 2016) about John Moore, called “Searching for the Lost Father.” It’s for a new website, a personal project, about Romania and its people that will be launched before the end of the year. You can reach me at elena.richard[at]gmail.com. Thank you. Elena

  18. Hi Jane- Just tried to send you an e-mail and must have had an old address as it just was returned to me. Wanted to update you on our Liszt DVD- we are making progress! Finally have a rough cut of the first-section Bio. Michael York is wonderful as the voice of the old man looking back on his extraordinary life. And your drawings have added so much to our DVD- it was so kind of you to give me permission to use them. Could you e-mail me with your e-mail address at barbaranissman@frontier.com I will be coming to London at celebrate another composer friend of mine- the Argentine Alberto Ginastera- Kings Place has invited me to perform a 100th birthday concert for him on April 24th- hope that we can meet up when I am in London and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Best-Barbara

  19. Hello Jane,
    I was amazed to come across another English volunteer who suffered at La Coume in the 1960s. I thought I was the only one.
    I came across ‘Reckless Fruit’ this morning having idly googled La Coume.
    My name was Margaret Goodwin – but they called me Ann as there was another Margaret there too. I was 17 from West Sussex. It was 1964/65.I shan’t go into details – I still have nightmares of being trapped there and being verbally abused by both staff – Yves particularly – and older children. I was sent home a month early in disgrace for something I hadn’t done but I was not believed. It was traumatic.
    I’m sorry that nothing changed and that you suffered too, but there is a strange relief in knowing that it wasn’t just me.
    I have never told my story. I decided not to become a schoolteacher, but went to Worthing Art College, and eventually found fulfillment as a BWY yoga teacher and writer (30 years and recently ‘retired’). Since being widowed I’ve changed course am now am a playwright for amateur theatre.
    What I have seen of your art and life’s work is fascinating, I feel that we have more in common than a bad experience in our teens. I am leaving my details here in case you would like to get in touch.

    Very best wishes,
    Margaret Graham

    • Hello Margaret – how fascinating, our experiences there were very similar. I have your email, thank you, and will write to you very soon. Thank you for getting in touch!

  20. Thanks Jane. Look forward to ‘meeting’ you.
    I used to gaze at the Canigou, sketch the buildings and seek comfort by the stream too. Also left ‘under a cloud’ like you!!

    • I used to break out at night after scrubbing the toilets, and roam the mountains in the moonlight and brew my rebellion! It was an astonishingly beautiful place, very far from ‘civilization’ and the arrival of a car up the steep road from the valleys was a great event. The Canigou was an inspiration to us both,

  21. Dear Jane ane
    your artwork of Sri Robert Adams is transcendental.
    Would consider commissioning x piece of Robert Adams snd Sri Ramana
    Is this a possibility?

  22. Dear Ms. Adams,
    Could we include your drawing of “SOME OF ARUNACHALA’S CHILDREN c. 1960s” in the June issue of the TAT Forum, an e-zine on http://www.TATfoundation.org?
    TAT is a non-profit organization that encourages self-inquirers to work together in a nondogmatic fashion, staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.
    A short essay mentioning Ramana Maharshi and Arthur Osborne is going to be in the June issue, and your drawing would be a wonderful accompanying graphic.
    We would attribute it as you specify and would be happy to link to your wordpress site.
    Art Ticknor, editor

  23. If you want to know how to draw a perfect Sri Yantra please let me know. Is not only a symbol of the universe (micro, macro and all in between/as above so below), its a exact geometric reprezentation of the above. Or to spend some time trying to find by yourself how to draw a perfect SY I have a clue for you. Use hexagon and pentagon for start.
    All respects Dan

  24. Dear Jane, we discovered your work yesterday and we fell in love with your painting “Mary and Gaïa”. We would love to get the original or to buy a copy of it. Is this possible ?
    Thank you for creating such a beautiful rending.
    Warm regards.

    • Dear Bruno, the original of ‘Mary and Gaia’ belongs to Anne Dorcas in Montreal. However, I have a good scan of it here, and I could send you a print the actual size of the painting (A4 in UK, or US letter). I will email you so you can send me your address. Warm regards, Jane

  25. Hi Jane, I just found your website and I just wanted to let you know how struck I am by the beauty and talent I see here! Thank you so much for making your magical art and drawings available to see. I wanted to also let you know that I used your colored BOTA tree in an email I sent out to my students.I credited you and shared your website as per your instructions at the bottom of the page. Thanks again and I can tell I am going to have a wonderful time reading and perusing all that you have here, it is quite prolific! Many blessings, Naha Armády – 22 Teachings Los Angeles, CA
    Keep up the great work

    • Hello Naha, thank you so much for commenting, and I am very glad you enjoy my work, and for you to use it with your students as you say. I’ve been inactive on this website for some months, this is because I am working on a book – but hopefully I will be back online during the fall. Warm regards, J.

  26. Jane, your blog has quite literally stunned me. The drawings, the musings. This is the work of a true artist who lives their life with deep and profound self-examination and openness to the mysteries we often take for granted, that essentially are the messages to help us piece together the map that charts our lives. Also any creative person that is fortunate as I have been tonight to find this page will find neural pathways in their minds exploding with ideas and potential. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Trev. Your words mean a lot to me. I hope to return to the blog very soon with fresh – and recycling! – material. Life is incredibly full-on at the moment. Keep in touch – Jane

  27. Hi Jane,
    My name is Lior Fiterstein and I live in Israel.
    We are currently working on creating a new Hebrew site for Krishnamurti’s teachings,
    and I’ve found a great drawing of Krishnamurti at your blog in the following address:

    I’d like to ask you for your permission kindly of using this image at our site, that will be wonderful…
    The new site is now under construction…
    Thanks in advance,

  28. hello, i enjoyed reading through your stream of ideas and also the wide range of heartfelt comments you attract. I found you while looking for an image of the Tower in the Tarot for an article i am writing about 2017. your approach of connecting inner noticing and outer events is the way i like to work too. I attach the link to my article in case you would like to read it. i am looking to make new contacts outside my specific field of the Aura-Soma colour system, i will be happy to hear from you or any of your visitors. With best wishes, Dominic Yeoman


    • Hi Dominic, thank you so much for this, and for sending your link colourconscious which I enjoyed reading, and is timely. Like yourself, I’ve been reflecting on the Tower and the Star as 2016 crumbles into 17. The seed to germinate, breaks open. It is very good to stabilise and gain a wider perspective with your colour meditations. I particularly like where you say: –

      “Yet each of us can only be responsible for our part. By listening to our star and living our truth we take responsibility for the only part that is truly in our hands. And in so doing we are contributing moment by moment to the fulfilment of spiritually aligned community upon the Earth.”

      I was in touch with aura soma back in about 2003, through a friend of mine in Hungary Lilian Vaytho, who is a practitioner.
      Keep in touch, and all best, Jane

  29. Hello Jane,
    After reading in the March-April 2017 edition of the MAHARSHI newsletter the article “The Cat on Bhagavan’s Couch” about Ella Maillart and her stay in India between 1939 en 1942 – where she resided mostly in Tiruvannamalai, near Ramana – I realized that I’d never heard of her. I searched the internet and traced some of her books, including Ti-Puss. The May-June edition of the MAHARSHI newsletter again pointed to Ella Maillart and described parts of a French speaking interview with her. I felt inspired to write something in Dutch (for the Dutch magazine “Vruchtbare Aarde”) about Ella and her inner journey. Would it be possible to illustrate such an article with some of your sketches?
    Warm regards, Bart

    • Hello Bart, yes I am pleased for you to use my sketches for your book. You can credit them to me, and put somewhere the link to my site. Let me know when the article comes out.

      • Thank you very much, Jane, for your kind reply. Ik will certainly do the credits, including the link to your site. Would you like to receive the magazine in paper or would you rather prefer a PDF?

  30. Hello Jane,

    My name is Charles. I live in South Florida. I am a Devotee of Ramana and Robert Adams. I have also been to Arunachala many times over the last 15 years, having been drawn there for the first time in January 2000.
    Are your sketches of Ramana, Robert and Arunachala available as original or reproduction? I am particularly interested in Robert Adams right now, as I am spending time re-reading Silence of the Heart.
    I only just discovered your site in a search for photographs of the Robert. I look forward to spending more time reading and enjoying your sharings and beautiful sketches.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Deep Peace and Love,



  31. Dear Jane,
    I am photo editor of Russian magazine Caravan stories. We are planning to publish the story about C. Brancusi and I hope for your help with the photo of the portrait if his som John Moore for one time publication. Could you please reply if it is possible to recieve this photo from you? We will publish it according to your rules.

  32. Dear Jane,
    I came across your artwork depicting Ramana Maharshi and his devotees a couple of days ago. They are exquisite! Having seen such an inspired compilation of artwork has left me deeply indebted. I wish you well and may all your dharmic endeavours come to fruition.

  33. Dear Jane

    Just thank you for sharing these posts online. I have deeply enjoyed reading and seeing them and feeling the resounding truths within. Many synchronicities for me at this time. I have recently found my awareness opening up and personal direction shifting from head to heart (accompanied by suitably chaotic and challenging life changes). I would love to connect via email, if that feels relevant. You seem a wise, loving and talented being.

    Love and thanks

  34. jane, wondering if you might contact me at your convenience..i have questions about the leonard cohen material..many thanks

  35. Hi Jane

    I love your work, especially with regard to the Tree of Life. I was wondering if you would give me permission to use one of your pieces of artwork – ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ – on my not-yet-released website, which is a crowdfunder website to help me self-publish (hopefully) my novel, ‘The Leaves of Hermes’. The website is not live yet, but if you email me I can put it online temporarily to let you have a look.
    I will of course, mention you as the originator in the Image Credits section, and provide a link to this website as well.
    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy life,


  36. Hi again Jane, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I have replied by email as well.

    Good luck in all that you do.

  37. Hi Jane – I may have contacted you before, but I want to say that I think your portrait of Orson Welles is quite wonderful. I don’t suppose this piece is for sale? Please contact me at harryalexhunt@yahoo.co.uk. Yours / Harry.

  38. Hi Jane,
    I am writing a blog post about Krishnamurti and came across your beautiful illustrations. Would you be open to me using the images on my post with proper credit given to you?

    Thank you!

  39. Dear Jane,
    I enjoyed it so much to go through so many colorful and artful drawing and paintings of yours, revealing gateways to inner worlds.
    I one of your blogs you mentioned you would like to have another translation of the sonnet of Saint Germain (The Most Holy Trinosophia). If you want I can forward you a possible translation (bearing in mind etymology and some other stuff).
    Best wishes,

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