Jane Adams (b.14 January 1949)  is the author of The Dreamer in The Dream – a collection of short stories on esoteric themes, published June 2012 by 0 Books – and collaborator (with Rohit Arya) in The Sacred India Tarot (Yogi Impressions Books, November 2011) for which she did the 82 paintings.   Additionally, she self-publishes her poetry and art, from home.  For ten years, she edited and produced the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK Journal, Self Enquiry.  Jane began drawing, painting and writing at five years old, worked as a portraitist later on, and ploughed her talents into an extensive study of the Ageless Wisdom, east and west.   This blog is a journal of Kabbalah, Vedanta and Alchemy.  It includes extracts from Jane’s daily writings, art work, and news of ongoing work and publishing.


Well, that was an “About” of sorts …   I didn’t know what might happen.

But what is this really about?   Having rolled out my log and been paddling on it for some three months now (September 2012), it is – the element – how we all create it:  a conversation.  Many posts are prompted and inspired by other bloggers’ thoughts and inspirations.  The conversation is of rivers, all oceanic, converging spontaneously with an unseen skipper who smiles.  Community is a discovery every day.   Thank you!


218 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jane,
    Do you sell prints of your art work? I especially liked the chakras on the tree of life painting.


      • Hi Jane, I too wanted to see if I could get a print (or permission to reprint for personal use only) the wonderful portrait of Robert Adams at janeadamsart.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/portrait-of-robert/ — thank you for these great drawings!

  2. Hi Jane, I am a long time admirer of your work. I have your tarot deck (I made a video about it on my youtube/22teachings) and I have followed your journal entries for years. I’m a hermetic practitioner and I have been writing/performing the Qabalistic pathworkings which I began in June of 2018, and tonight will be the final one, Kether. It is the most profound magical operation I have ever set myself to. I share this to let you know that you have been a beacon upon my journey, and a huge inspiration. I have seen your Gene Keys work have some interesting parallels with where I happened to be at the time. Thank you for all that you do. Infinite blessings, Naha

    • Hello, I am delighted and encouraged to hear from you in so timely a way. I am just about to resume posting to my blog, and have things in the pipeline awaiting polishing. There is a big pile up of writings and material as you may imagine. Life and the Guardians occupy us in various ways of the One, as you know. I will look out for your youtube with the Tarot deck. Many blessings with your celebration of Kether tonight. The upper worlds are firmly planted in the ground at this time, and the sun rises. We will keep in touch. Jane


  3. Hello Jane, your work is so moving! I know it is a bit of a long shot, but I wanted to inquire if you had any Sacred India Tarot decks available, or if you knew of any distributors in the US. Regardless, thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  4. Hello! Do you do portraits and if so would you be able to provide pricing information? You did a portrait of my husband and his siblings as children and I’d love to gift my sister in law with a portrait of her as an adult.

  5. Bonjour Jane, quelle merveilleuse sagesse lumineuse!
    I am a student, I seek meaning, I find it: I am you, you are I, we are they, they are us because I **** am the one who is.
    I was captivated by the drawings of the tree of life and the convergences. I want to be an instrument of the Spirit ****, I want to sharpen the connection. I would be happy if you could transmit to me and authorize me to use your drawings and of course I would especially like that you share your wisdom and that you guide me in my search for Light.

  6. Hi Jane

    I would like to quote from one of your posts in a book I am writing. Can you please email me to discuss?

    Thank you! and thanks for your wonderful blog.



  7. Hello Jane, i would like to chit chat and understand myself better. i feel like u went through 1) honesty n “to speak the heart”. i really don’t know. and would like to know more about myself.

  8. Hello, Jane. What a wonderful hidden treasure I have just discovered in your artwork and blog. I found it in my search for an image of the Tableau to use in a sacred symbology course I’m teaching. May I have permission to share the image of your Tableau artwork with a link back to your site? Blessings, Noah

    • Hello Noah, thank you and it is very good to hear from you with the B O T A. Yes do share the Tableau image with the link. And maybe keep in touch with your work?

  9. Hello Jane,
    I’m a music teacher from germany and want to create a special lesson (an edu breakout) about Ludwig van Beethoven and the secret about his possible daughter, Minona for the bavarian ministry of education. While my preparations, I found your wonderful work. Would it be possible to use it for this case? I would be glad if you could email me or answer below.

      • Dear Jane,
        thank you so much. It’s such a beautiful picture! I also wish you all the best! Of course i’ll mention your name and the link! Thank you for your generosity!

  10. Thank you for your websites. They are pure. With so much falsity and manipulation on the internet, its easy to follow the wrong path. However, I’m finding their websites also lead to useful information as they are seeking the same end – a new world. The only difference is theirs will be about control, darker veils & centralized authority. Ours will be about love, communication and decentralized themes (the meek will inherit the earth)

    Your 22s, 7s, 84s, 3s, 6s, & 9s speak in high volumes to me. I’ve only just been awake 8 weeks but learning exponentially.

    I am a builder, architect and a doer having worked on the plan for years. I’m also an empath and an ass kicker. A learner and a Warrior. Made this way it seems – according to sudden 3rd eye intuition & natural balance. Birth chart mapping and name correlations seem to reveal more, but that will tell itself in due course.

    Reading between the lines in your prose is beautiful, however time consuming. And I need all the time savings I can muster as I’ve got a corporation to get off the ground too.

    But I’ll keep at it.

    Thank you again.

    • What a great comment, thank you. I like your clarity in pointing out that “false paths” by convergence also seek a new world, though their way is by power manipulation – the old spell-making. Their useful information points straight into our self-knowledge. What makes us truly free? I feel and have experienced strongly that the path begins here in oneself. Until we begin to put our own house in order we cannot be lucid about the other “houses” we are attracted to or gain opinions about. Each individual in the Work is a microcosm of the world macrocosm as consciousness – a cell within the greater body/psychology … and thus a potential world-changer. It is marvellous to get a feel of the mind and its snares, individual and collective. My motto was always – experience life first; then study, read the books and discover that others pioneered this way also! – at all times in history. Value your inner and outer life and find the captain of your ship – lodestar – always. The Teacher, guru or guide comes to the purity within yourself. The Warrior path is the path with the heart. Realisation is within ourselves

      Could you clarify briefly for me please, the numbers you mentioned?

      I am glad that you find a little time to read between the lines what is true for you, and I wish you well in developing your business – an important initiation! In these interesting times we have the opportunity to recreate the economy in grass roots – in a more “enlightened” and ethical way. Every bit counts. It’s hard work. Keep going, and best wishes.

  11. As destiny would have it – your blog site came to my attention today. As the sun peaks over the eastern horizon I am smiling. I have no website.

  12. Hello Jane!

    I am looking at your art from time to time and I find it immensly inspiring! I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about putting your art on instagram / create an instagram account. I really think and feel that this could be of great value for many people. There are many young people on instagram which your art could bring great inspiration and value. (You could post there once a dqy or whenever you like). I surely would follow you there.
    Regardless of how you will decide about that I wanna thank you for enriching the world with your beautiful art. It really opens my heart and mind to something that is sacred and deeply meaningful and joyous and expansive and loving.

    Greeints from Austria,

    • Dear Kevin, thank you so much for this kind and thoughtful suggestion. I am of the slowcoach pre-media generation and find just emailing and the blog almost more than I can cope with! So not instagram just yet, but I shall not forget what you have said, and watch this space. Your appreciation touches me very much. I am at present revising last year’s 64 posts on my more active blog, https://genekeysdiary.wordpress.com, this contains some of the new art work I did all during last year (since January 2020) and you might be interested to see it, it was a big project based on the I Ching.

      Greetings to you also Kevin, stay in touch

      • Great! Just see how you feel about it. Maybe you get an impulse to create something there. Or maybe an oppurtunity manifests that opens a door in that direction. Or maybe there is even someone that would love to do that for you – that is passionate to post for you on Instagram regularly – your newer and your older works… So that you do not really have to put in much effort into it (just an idea :)) I really do believe it is worth sharing! 😀
        If you would decide for it I would be happy if you could let me know.
        Greetings from Austria,

  13. Dear Jean,
    For a few years I have been looking at your publications and I am fascinated by your art. I am studying art in Chile and I need to ask some questions of an artist who inspires me, and that’s you. I am an adept in the magical and spiritual path, it is for this reason that your work attracts me so much. If you would be so kind I would really appreciate it:

    1.- What has been the importance and how has your spiritual path influenced your artistic development?

    2.- How important have your artistic abilities been in expressing and portraying your spiritual experiences?

    3.- What has been the role of the spirituals traditions that you follow in the elaboration of your works?

    4.- How decisive have skills such as scrying and pathworking been in your artistic work, and how have you included this in your work?

    5.- What procedure do you use when you want to record your visionary experiences and how do you complement the spiritual processes with the artistic ones?

    Thank you very much in advance, greetings from the south of the world,

    Daniel Horcos.

    • Dear Daniel,
      1) My creative path became from an early age the servant to spiritual development, celebrating the human landscape and the sages and great Masters as I became aware of them.
      2) Very important because they were not “my own”. They are sourced in previous lifetimes. They are works of love – through heart and hands, coordination.
      3) The spiritual traditions gave my creative work its focus, design and commitment
      4) Drawing and painting is my natural path-work. If by scrying you mean the oracle – Tarot or I Ching or creative writing – yes, this is decisive and I use it often. Being receptive.
      5) I keep a journal and let it show me the way.
      Thank you for your interest. Wishing you all the best. Warm greetings from London – Go well!

      • Thank you very much, you helped me a lot and not only in this task. I hope you continue with your beautiful blog for many years. Bliss on your way Jane.

        Daniel 😉

  14. Hello
    My name is Jenia very nice to meet!
    I am a producer on a Cultural program called “SOHEN TARBUT”
    Broadcast on Channel KAN11 in Israel
    In the next episode we have an item on Ibn Gvirol
    I saw in your blog a great drawing of him
    We will be happy to show the painting with the required credit details as part of the broadcast
    Im available for any questions in my email:

  15. Dear Amma,
    I would like to get the portrait or a print of Bhagawan as Murugan. Don’t know how long I’ve been thinking and looking for this. I knew that Bhagawan is Murugan and there it is! No one could better portray him better than this. Thanks very much. Please email

    • Hi Madhu, I will email you later. Please tell me which portrait of Bhagavan you refer to, and which post it is in, in my blog. Then I can send it to you by email, for you to print out.

  16. Dear Jane,
    I have just discovered your art and poems. I’m so deeply moved by how you have managed to capture the inner and outer worlds over the years with such authenticity and humble finesse.

    I was wondering, do you teach/take students to listen to & learn from your experience? Either in person or online talks/sessions?

    Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  17. Hi Jane, I saw your beautiful sketches of Baba in your and Misha’s 2022 Amartithi video. Are they available for purchase? Please let me know.

    Jai Baba!

  18. Hello Jane,

    I am moved to write to you, as I am floored by the depth of your knowing and the breadth of your artistic ability. It is clear to me that you have been honing your craft and understanding for a lifetime! I am inspired, as I hope to someday also be a wise woman with many pictures to support my writing.

    I am curious if you sell original works or take commissions. I am not interested in any particular one, but rather owning an original drawing or painting that you have created by hand. I am a painter myself, and I appreciate original artwork, especially when I resonate with the integrity of the creator.

    Thank you for sharing yourself. I appreciate you.

    • Hi Sierra, thank you so much for your comment and sorry about my delay in replying. I do appreciate your thought. I am not at the moment commissioning or selling work except for portraits of Meher Baba and his lineage, by arrangement, with which I am very busy. I will send you my email address however and we can have a chat about it. I send you my warm regards for your creative work.

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