Robert’s Imponderables: Part Four

Completing this series of Robert’s sayings in Transcript §85:

Robert in hat

“There never was a time when you were not, and there will never be a time when you disappear.  There is no birth for you, there’s no prevailing of your body, there’s no disappearance.  There is only eternal life . . . Ponder this.”


robert's hat


“The mind cannot destroy the mind, pondering cannot destroy the mind, thinking cannot destroy the mind.  The only way to destroy the mind is to inquire, ‘To whom is there a mind?’ . . . Ponder this.”


“You are already free and liberated, and there’s really nothing you have to do.  Just be your Self . . . Ponder this.”


hearing Robert whispering


“To be your Self means that you’re nothing else.  To be your Self means that you’re not the body, nor the mind, nor the world, nor its things.  To be the Self means that you are the imperishable Self, which is all pervading.

“Water cannot drown it, fire cannot burn it.  You are that Self that has always existed.  Some people call the Self ‘God’, some people call the Self ‘Brahman’, some people call the Self ‘choiceless effortless pure awareness’.  It makes no difference what you call the Self.  Just to know you are That, will free you immediately . . . Ponder this.”


Sedona Landscapes – click on image to view


“There is really no one who can do anything for you.  I cannot really do anything for you, because I am really in your Self.  There’s no difference between my Self and your Self.  There’s one Self.  Therefore, when you look at me, you see your Self.  What do you see?    . . .  Ponder this.”


“Ponder the one who has been pondering all this time.”

Wolfie in sedona landscape


“Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?  Why is it so hard to become the pure unblemished Self?  For whom is it hard?’

“Ask yourself, ‘Why do I think I’m human, and have to go through experiences?’

“Ask yourself . . . Ponder this.”


“That’s enough pondering.”


robert xmas eve 3





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8 thoughts on “Robert’s Imponderables: Part Four

  1. Thank you Jane!
    I had to go back and absorb them from the first post. What a breath of fresh air! Timely always. So easy to get lost in the busyness of life.
    Exactly what I needed.

  2. A beautiful portrait Jane! Thanks you for sharing Robert with us in both his words and your art.

    “Ask yourself, ‘Who am I? Why is it so hard to become the pure unblemished Self? For whom is it hard?’

    Ha ha, because we already are. The more we try, the further away we think we are, but even then, we still are.


  3. Reminds me of another Robert…Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Grateful Dead :

    Here’s one….

    “Attics of My Life”
    Words by Robert Hunter; music by Jerry Garcia
    Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

    In the attics of my life
    Full of cloudy dreams unreal
    Full of tastes no tongue can know
    And lights no eye can see
    When there was no ear to hear
    You sang to me

    I have spent my life
    Seeking all that’s still unsung
    Bent my ear to hear the tune
    And closed my eyes to see
    When there were no strings to play
    You played to me

    In the book of love’s own dream
    Where all the print is blood
    Where all the pages are my days
    And all my lights grow old
    When I had no wings to fly
    You flew to me

    to me

    In the secret space of dreams
    Where I dreaming lay amazed
    When the secrets all are told
    And the petals all unfold
    When there was no dream of mine
    You dreamed of me

    Thanks for all the Good Work you do on these blogs, Jane.
    In L.V.X.

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