A Walk with Easter Bluebells


Happy Easter!  On a long walk in Hertfordshire with camera – which cannot capture that deep purple fiery glitter coming through the ground, so let’s just imagine it.


World turns upside down: sky through the ground


Sky, earth, water







living creature


living body


worlds meet: as above so below


tuning fork





like a bow



relationship, dancers

tingly tangle!



landscape every which way


Friend’s astrology on the Tree of Life





My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.  See also Aquariel

All art and creative writing in this blog is copyright © Janeadamsart 2012-2017. May not be used for commercial purposes. May be used and shared for non-commercial means with credit to Jane Adams and a link to the web address https://janeadamsart.wordpress.com/

8 thoughts on “A Walk with Easter Bluebells

  1. PARiS, 18 avril 2017

    *Avec mon “BONBONJour” RONRON / RONDeur / RONDE HEURE*

    *Douceur / DOUCE HEURE du SACRé-C(h)OEUR*

    *p*our joli-coeur / Risette de *JANE ADAMSART = * *Harmonieuse FLEURette guillerette …*

    HUMBLEment discrète délicatesse déVouée Tendresse enCHANTeresse

    au pieDes ARBRES de ViE / VictoRieuse LONGEViTE SAiNTeté …

    NATUREllement dressée SERENiTE ARBRE de ViE …

    Au coeur de La *SAiNTE FETE =* *SeReine RONDE UNi(e)VERS / VERTUeuse qui rime avec 2017 …*

    Discrète STARlette éternelle “Aile / PAiX qui pète …

    le FEU SACRé enFLammé de Sainte FéliCité super CHOUCHOU / Chouette

    empreint / PrinTEMPS / TenDresse ESPERANCE ANGE / EnJouée

    des douces / douceurs / SOEURettes déVouées

    au SACRé-C(h)OEUR / Risette en FETE !

    *+ *Mes * HUMBLES EXCUSES * de ne pouvoir être + présente …

    *1 GRAND MERCY / MERCi * être venue vers moi …

    avec tendre *OFFRANDe Saint / sYmpa / PARTAGE PaYs / SAGE*

    Rempart / H(ART)MONiE / NiD / DiViNC(h)OEUR

    NATURELLEment PHARE / Fardée / déVoué(e)

    *ViE / VictoRieuse SAGESSE ESPRiT SAiNTeté * éLeVérité

    empreint / PrinTEMPS / TenDressée SERENiTE ange / enJouée

    *ARBRES de ViE / VictoRieuse FéliCiTE SAiNTeté AMEN*

    *Que DiEU bénisse Your BLOG et Your ARBRE de ViE*

    *et arrose votre joli-coeur et votre FAMiLY / LiC(h)oeur*

    *de GRACiEUSE ROSée-ELU(e)mière CHRiSTalline AMEN*

    *Avec ma tenDresse esquisse / KiSSous / Soutien*

    *du COEUR / Refrain plein d’entrain … = *

    *”COEUR sur la MAiN, dans la MAiN, jointes sur Le COEUR SACRé SAiNT”*

    *MERCY / MERCi pour TOUT*

    *et pour Your SALUT AiRe SOUTiEN du COEUR SOLiDairement FRATERNEL*

    2017-04-16 21:56 GMT+02:00 janeadamsart :

    > janeadamsart posted: “.. Happy Easter! On a long walk in Hertfordshire > with camera – which cannot capture that deep purple fiery glitter coming > through the ground, so let’s just imagine it. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. > ..” >

  2. Dear Jane Adams,
    Just today I found your blog. Today when I was feeling really bleak…from what I think is post-op depression. I forgot what I google but your Gene Keys Journal came up and I felt like it was an anchor for me…I use images and words to journal out my dreams…so finding your work was like finding a soul-sister. Plus I recently discovered Gene Keys as well. Way above my head for now, but it’s where my edge is.
    Thank you for your art…

  3. Thank you Aida, it is really nice to hear from you, and I hope the post-op stuff clears soon. With gene keys perhaps just savour a detail at a time, then it will be in your heart. Keep in touch. Love from Jane

  4. Awesome post. I am doing research on Kabbalah to put it together with my own intuitions and experiences for the background of my novel and what I found here was just right on spot. It felt quite refreshing. Moreover I see you got something to do with India and I am right here now, so may love be charged with power and carry some spices to you.
    Thanks jane.
    Michael Shiva Surya

      • My novel is still not translated in english but I plan to, so I will let you know as soon as it comes out. There’s a Facebook page @cosenonsoggette for the book Cose Non Soggette Alla Gravità, meaning Things Not Subjected To Gravity.
        I’m living mostly in India (and few other places) since six years. The journey is no longer in my mind, but I am pretty much enjoying the world I create.

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