The Opportunity

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solstice dervish card 2 copy

It is a still point of turning worlds.  Some wobble yet remains.  Why?

I realise today, the close of the Mayan calender is my opportunity to STEP FORWARD, dropping off a tattered old cloak.  And surely this is how many of us feel!  Hence the astral dramas, the fairytales, projections and gorgeous scary websites of Planet Ascension load of bull, over the years.   Ascension is a private fact.  When the cloak comes off, the skin feels torn.

In my mind’s eye are these three cartoons of Alan Jacobs, done back in the early 1990s – particularly the third one –  he is an excellent model !  (Click to view as gallery.)


The opportunity is REAL, ongoing, right now, for me to change a Karmic deadlock – a profoundly private matter.   I feel weak, skinless, a pale pool of tears under the blankets, but I wrote a letter this week. It is concise, and I wait the right moment to show it to my daughter, then deliver it:   Closure, for a very harrowing wound.   A short delay, gives me the opportunity to calm down, to be less “punitive”, to give the one who injured us, his own opportunity to amend.  Should he not take it, we at least took ours, and things will organically improve.   It is for giving.

So that is the scene at the moment, and I cannot go into more detail.  But I do know that we, and you, are not alone in facing a crucial issue at present – not unlike the US fiscal cliff – and how to let it go through.   It is no good acting on the impulse of my surface mind, with all its stiff hedges and corners.   I wait for it to be “moderated”.  This morning, the Priestess comes up through the pool, and I realise I can now share the process, with its universal inner language of images and metaphor, HERE.   The grief weeps, for I know I am not alone, and you are not alone, in dealing with Progress.

Priestess, King of Swords, and the alchemist

Priestess, King of Swords/Rose Cross, and Alchemist

Here are the images, then.  Pictures say more than words, which only introduce persons at a party.  The transpersonal healing touch is Reality passing through Reality.

It is caterpillar to butterfly, egg to chick, acorn to oak, and bud to flower.  It is soft, invisible and cosmic.  It is a graviton in the field-colossus of gravity – a starling in the flock.


and now, WATCH THIS VIDEO link – – 2 videos

The right moment to touch the key – whatever is needful in old-time, during the wintering around a turning point – will come.  A lot of autumn leaves float and circle in the breeze before they settle:  tea leaves in the cup.

My dead friends on the left pillar, encourage the “closure” of the wound.  Who is little “I”, playing out the drama?   Anyway, I find in my deceased friends, the strength of the released.  The right moment awaits the necessary data – the flock – to inform it fully and perform.   I am now in the region of the soul, not of the personality.  The process forgives, then judges, then liberates.  I respect in his soul, without prejudice, the probability that he may refuse the offer … with a tiny chance he might take it.

The Fool by a Well

The Fool by a Well

There is first an alchemical assimilation.  Slowly, my REAL LIFE rises through the pool.  The Priestess of the oracle responds to my problem as it sinks.  I detect a yielding compresence – Companions of the Light – and touch home base.   The available data settles, as the waters calm into a clear picture, reflecting sky and moon.  At first there is eclipse.

Priestess, 1988

Priestess, 1988

The change in my inner life – to silverdance it through – the point, the region of peace … I feel it now.  It is the point of the turning worlds, and I shall get the letter delivered and closure done, in the orbit for it which arises.

Here again, is the redoubtable Alan in 1994:  what a clothes-horse !   Bless him.

jason dumps a vasana '94 j&d11



… and a rare sibling get-together last week – my bro, my sis and me



PS – Elene’s article on ‘parallel in no time‘ arrived this morning in my email, it is bang on the button.


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6 thoughts on “The Opportunity

  1. The dervish pulled me right in. Beautifully done. Subtle weaving together. I admit I almost choked on the bird video when the narrator said the birds were NOT intelligent and NOT conscious. Wonderful to see the photo of you.

  2. Thank you Ellis. I too was indignant, but I let it be, as the video itself is so beautiful and I tumbled on it. We can of course turn off the narrator! The article with the videos is nice. Many people use the word “intelligent” or “conscious” without thinking what it means. They mean by it, cleverness, academic stuff, advanced monkeys. Intelligence is in telling what one needs to know, in forming is likewise – we need to reflect with words rather than use them blindly. Very pleased that you raise this point! Hoped someone would!

  3. Thank-You !, for sharing this, I don’t feel aa alone as I did this morning. I feel it’s the kind of intelligentness, the narrator speaks of, that gets in the way of us utilizing, the kind of higher intellegentness, that the starlings have. We got it but as it shows itself, the cleverness and academic smarts dismiss it as silly. It’s happening though no doubt about it ! Peace J.A.M.

  4. Peace to you too, J A M, it is so good to hear from you. I dropped a message on your blog only 10 minutes ago.
    At least that remark makes us stop, and see the Higher intelligence in the starlings, and in our humanity’s potential, which is an UTTER MYSTERY to the academics. In the second video there is just the smile and the laughter and the waters. My thoughts with you and your peace pipes, J, and I wonder what new shape you are exploring, or whether it is still invisible and ‘carving you’.

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