A Kabbalist Meditation



Tree of life screen, by Halevi

Let us begin.

Let us gather together, draw together.  Let us form a Vessel, to catch the dew of Heaven.  Let us rise, and go to that Holy place of Meeting and gather there, with the Companions of the Light.  Let the Veil of Heaven be drawn back …

Hear this:


Lord, Thou art the Living Almighty.  Thou art YAHVEH ELOHIM, the One Reality. 
Thou art I AM.  
If it be Thy Will, let Thy Holy Spirit descend upon us this Night, 
that we may know thy Presence.  From Thee cometh all Grace.
Light candles:  Hokhmah Binah

“We are going to do a meditation on each Sefira of the Tree.”


sefira malkuth - the physical world

sefira malkuth – the physical world


Let us centre our body in this room … feel the soles of our feet touching the floor … the palms of our hands … our centre column, the spine at rest in gravity:  a root descends, a shoot grows up from the earth …  the warmth of our interior organs, whose brilliant colour is hidden inside …  the movement of the breath.

What do we sense around us in this room?   What do we hear?  What do we smell and taste?   As the centre of a mandala, see inwardly around us, the shapes, the companions, and the furniture in this room:  the action of gravity:  … a sense of history:  the KabbalahTradition.



sefira yesod - foundation, personal ego

sefira yesod – foundation, personal ego


When you were a child, and perhaps before you learned to read, there was a feeling, a special flavour of being you.   What is it?   A plant, a smell, or a sound might recapture it and make you stand still wherever you are, to savour it.   It is an essence of infinity.   What images arise through you?    …   Near you are your parents … or one of your parents, your mother or your father. …   What do they feel like? …  your home?

Sometimes you see a mirror.   What strange sensations in your family puzzle you?   What is hard to understand?



sefira hod - reverberation & learning

sefira hod – reverberation & learning


It is your first day at school.  Being taken there in a car, or by bus, or walking with your parent, what do you feel in your body, and whereabouts is that feeling?  A bit frightened perhaps?   excited?  anxious?

As time goes by, you learn to conform.  You are taught new patterns of play, patterns of numbers, arithmetic, and patterns which form the letters.  What is it like when those shapes at first mean nothing?   Slowly, they come to life as words, and spell together as stories.   How does it feel, to be able to read all by yourself?   To read the stories perhaps your mother read to you … but whenever you want to?   How does it feel to connect up, to draw and write the words?  to build stories of your own?   Difficult?   Absorbing?  Fascinating? …   And what is left behind?



sefira netzach - power & nature cycles

sefira netzach – power & nature cycles


You are a teenager, half grown into the adult world and its conditioning.  Your body and your perceptions change unpredictably.   Big waves of uncharted feeling throw you from one mood to another.

What is the essence of nature’s force of attraction through you?   How does it affect your heartbeat, the tides of your breath, and the warmth of your skin? …   Does it make you want to dance and sing and do dangerous things?

What is your emotional landscape – open countryside … or town?   Where do you fall in love …  for the first time?   Where is the place?

Reflect on this Triad of Feeling circuit:  Yesod, Hod, Netzach …  how it drives itself around, like an engine.   And become aware … observe within it your area of happiness … and your area of  stress or tension, as you rebel … or as you try to follow the rules.   And as you become aware, you find your body’s gravitational centre …   and a new element seems to enter – a wider, higher, deeper one, an overview.    What is this?

Who am I?    Let us form a Vessel.



sefira tifareth - heart centre

sefira tifareth – heart centre


You are around thirty perhaps.  For a moment, you recall your forgotten childhood.   A sound in the street, a perfume or a place, might trigger the timeless sensation.  The sun shines into your soul, and you are ageless.   Raised like a sunflower over a problem or tension in your life, you contemplate it … and things fall into perspective.

The prospect opens into the soul …  your stem, in the divine thread, the root and shoot of the Tree of Life … the heart of the universe … in your own.

And you are aware, as you were when you were a child, of those sensations of stress and of happiness…   What are they?   What images do they form?

You see or feel the presence of your inner Teacher.



sefira gevurah - constraints

sefira gevurah – constraints


You are on a journey.  You may have made or realized something beautiful in your life, but it now needs crafting or editing.  The journey is a course of training.

What is now being refined … in the refiner’s fire?   What is your special field?   Or do you still seek it?   Who are your tutors in life, in relationship, in the Tree of Life, or in your job?   How is your life being shaped?

There are constraints  … which lead to opportunities.



sefira hesed - opportunities

sefira hesed – opportunities


What closes up, and what opens out?    Catching a glimpse of the growth of planets in their galaxies, you receive the expanding sphere of Grace, of Providence:  as a willing participant.

Evaluating the soul triad – Tifareth, Gevurah, Hesed – observe a problem you have just now.   What decision or attitude to it, shuts a door in your heart?    And what action opens the same door in your heart?    Confinement … or letting go, let God.   Weigh the matter carefully, and let the insight make your choice.

From the Tifareth Gevurah Hesed equilibrium a great Triad of the Spirit opens … a quantum leap to catch the dew of Heaven … the realm of Wisdom and Understanding.   Here are revealed the Companions of the Light, the Archetypes … trends of collective humanity …and a knowledge of your present lifetime’s principal themes;  of your other lifetimes as threads in the tapestry …  and of our Tradition.   What is your way forward?

And let the Veil of Heaven be drawn back.



daat - knowledge, union

daat – knowledge, union




sefira binah - understanding

sefira binah – understanding


Sefira of Understanding:   the dark Mother.    Peace, be still.




sefira hokhmah - wisdom

sefira hokhmah – wisdom


Sefira of Wisdom :  the seminal Father.   Peace, be still.




sefira keter - divine thread

sefira keter – divine thread


the divine thread uniting us, through Tifareth and Malkuth:   … the root, the shoot.


And come back into your body, come back into this room, and open your eyes. ~~~~~~ and come down the Tree.


Hear thisMost Gracious God, Thou art the Living Almighty.   Thou art the Lord. Keter, Hokhmah, Binah,    Hesed, Gevura, Tifareth,   Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malkuth       Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts … Thy Glory fills all the Worlds.

http://flickriver.com/photos/jackandjo/4378319759/ Sagittarian Archer aims up the Tree of Life, to Kether

Sagittarian Archer aims up the Tree of Life, to Kether

This group meditation on Monday 25 November was led by J.A.





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