A Cell of Stone and Light and Wood


oak near elstree


I hear a certain Master say:  there is always balance, the being of the light and shadow, the hard and the soft;  and to receive and dance the Changes with courtesy.

His name is Master Han Shan. He is a Real Person (embodied, should I say) in history.   He was a medieval Chinese poet;  he wrote his poems on stone and on trees in the Tien-T’ai mountains, and had a wife whom he adored.   Descending among us, he recognises her among the characters in a story of London today; she is a loving student of his own disciple Dzukh.  You can find Master Han’s revelations in this magical book just published by Barbara Brown.  I shall review the book here, very soon.


It is sweet: and the nectar comes.   London’s shadows are passing clouds upon the city’s depth of human beauty and uncertainty, and the way we meet … linking the eccentric streets of Kentish Town to Hackney Marshes:  linking a marriage questing centre, to feral youths with knives, who are taught the martial art of the Sword.


china natnl flwr

Master Han’s element is the Air.  He is a come-together sweetness of plum-blossom in the air.   Let us gather together, draw together.   Deep rest.

Free this morning, to tune into Master Han and Master Jung for my solace and guidance: I find myself and the sound of seagulls being the salty sea itself in London, and I bask.

Every time this element touches me, the quiet sages emerge from their corners and rejoice.   A corner of Life is packed with possibility.  I am myself, aflow.  A beloved sage in each corner of the room ! … is summoned not by pentacle but by subtle Recognition, as we receive each other through Life, and coalesce.   Talitha cumi:  rise.  Not only do They counsel me:  They meet and embrace each other through my soul, and rejoice.   You are Their place of meeting. Wonderful is the moment, the instant for ever:   the coloured cloak.

My Tarot Key today is 11:  Justice.  Equilibrium, the raised Sword.   Here is a temple of wisdom, a vaulted Cube of space.   I can go into it when I like.  LAMED is its Hebrew letter – the uncoiled serpent, the ox goad, the Law which drove the most powerful beast of the ancient world;  who ploughed the field and harnessed the Light:  Sani’s oxen in the Indian Jyotish.

Saturn’s T or TAV is drawn upon the breast of the Queen of Equilibrium, above the Karmic scales.   The sword held upright in Her right hand, initiates:   Saturn in Libra, sign of Venus,  is exalted.


My cloud obscured the bright chamber; then it passes. I can visualise and enter now, the interior, and the way we move together in the Cube of space, and the colours, and my friends.  It liberates; the sweet, severe music may sound.

Cube of Space, with compass and Tarot Keys

Cube of Space, with compass and Tarot Keys


The Rosicrucean Vault is an inner cube, whose golden proportion, wall to vault, is 5:3, adding to 8 the figure of infinity.  In this old illustration,  the wheels tell us it is portable ... within us everywhere, it goes

The Great Work of Alchemy in the world.  The Rosicrucean Vault is an inner cube, whose golden proportion, walls to vault, measures 3:5 or 5:8 – the figure of infinity. In this old illustration, the wheels convey that it is portable … within us everywhere, it goes !


 The Red Book Today, with Jung.
“The western tendency … turns everything into methods and intentions. Letting things happen, the action through non action, the letting go of myself … opens the door to the way.”


Yet there are outlines and forms to dance, as emerging just now:  Key 11 Justice, is Sword Form in the martial art.   I was shown yesterday, to let its tip point not AT but upward and IN … with the antakharana, the waterfall, the shared polar-axis thread, the KAV of the Tree.


“Just as in Christianity the vow of worldly poverty turned the mind away from the riches of this earth, so spiritual poverty seeks to renounce the false riches of the spirit in order to withdraw not only from the sorry remnants – which today call themselves the protestant Churches – of a great past, but also from all the allurements of exotic aromas, in order finally, to turn back to itself, where in the cold light of consciousness, the blank barrenness of the world reaches to the very stars.”


I love this.    A cell of stone and light, with the sound of the sea.   Without cleverness.




Now The Red Book’s CHAPTER FIVE – the Descent into Hell

red book images ch.5


“Should I fall?  Wither?  It is a dreadful deep ...”     (That is like the Wind through the Tree which blew a certain stubborn fruit too hard.  When the fruit is blown too hard and finally breaks loose, it whines as it is whirled through the air, and complains when it hits the ground … and loses the plot.  Stubborn resistance of mind developed the tough stem. )

The illumined cap for this chapter, is an H for Hell, but it is curved like a Saturn glyph.  It is painted gold, against a hot fiery spill of light into the darkness.

In the small painting below this, he in white robe enters the Shadow kingdom of chaos, with its gibbering voices and coils of darkness and serpentine eyes.

red book images ch.5 descent


The dark is itself a serpent coiling and uncoiling around him. Jung’s next small painting is of a dead grey deep, but a black scarab with golden eyes floats across it from an eery red sun on the right, to a cave-opening (to the light) leftward – but that space is the bleeding human form.

red book images ch.5 scarab


“One must give one’s heart to man, but one’s intellect to the spirit of humanity, God.  Then His work can be beyond vanity, since there is no more hypocritical whore than the intellect when it replaces the heart.”

In the text, he crawls through a narrow crack (birth) and wades through muddy black water towards a luminous red stone – the eery sun.  He holds the stone – a hexagonal crystal, which covers a hole.  He tries to ignore the gibbering voices, something wants to be uttered, he puts his ear to the opening. The bloody head of a man floats by on the dark stream, and then the black scarab.  These are the scorn and intellectual arrogance which blight and darken the world and make – with the Great War of 1914-1945 – all things inconsequential and banal;  like a failed sunlight.

For the head of man is in the Hebrew letter RESH, the true Countenance of Tarot key 19 – the Children of the Sun.  The black scarab beetle is a hidden gold.

Hermetic Arcanum 19 - Children of the Sun


Something wants to be uttered, by the hole.   Jung waits.  He shudders for a long time as the hero and the black scarab float by: the Egyptian Sun in dark mourning.

In 1925, he said, “… The light in the cave from the crystal was I thought, like the stone of wisdom.  The secret murder of the hero I could not understand at all.  The beetle of course I knew to be an ancient sun symbol, and the setting sun, the luminous red disk was archetypical.  The serpents might have been connected with Egyptian material….  I was able to link the picture up with the sea of blood I had previously fantasized about.   Soon after, I had a dream in which the hero Siegfried was killed by myself … destroying the hero ideal of my efficiency.  This has to be sacrificed in order that an new adaptation can be made …  the sacrifice of the superior function in order to get at the libido necessary to activate the inferior functions.”

This is transpersonal, in the sense that the Hero figure is outgrown and re-mastered collectively in the century’s generations to follow, and in the current media mess.

The secret murder recalls that of Hiram Abiff – (the heart and wisdom of the masonic Temple) – by the shallow intellect.   The old symbols are collected in the Great Akashic Museum, common property of all humanity.


At the time of Jung’s writing, science was full of arrogance.  The fallout from that arrogance continues as technology-worship;  but among the clever monkey brains there are by now many men and women of science who wonder, and who keep their question open:  in Jung’s red-book day, the Quantum discovery and Relativity theory were yet to come: men like Bohm and Capra and their seed.

The dense Kali Yuga yet prompts deep intelligences of the Light:  and a counteractive movement of the Spirit.   The Spirit of humanity gains sensitive intelligence deep down, as its surface representative decays.

Jung saw thousands of serpents striving toward a red sun in the depth – they veil it – and a stream of thick red blood welled up;  he was seized with fear.

Jung said – Heal the wounds that doubt inflicts on me, my soul … I am still a victim of my thinking.  He struggles to see his guide, through the howling thoughts, those unruly hounds.  He must drink the bitter draught to the lees.  The bad prison master of his Knowledge threatened to collapse and engulf him in a lightless cell.

My God;  his writing …   “Protect me from the serpent of judgement which only appears to be a healing serpent, yet in Your depths is infernal poison and agonizing death.  I want to go down cleansed into Your depths with white garments, and not rush in like some thief, seizing whatever I can and fleeing breathlessly.  Let me persist in divine astonishment, so that I am ready to behold Your wonders.  Let me lay my head on a stone before your door, so that I am prepared to receive Your light.”

A window: isle of eigg, hebrides

A window: isle of eigg, hebrides

Afford courtesy, grace, time and space, to the denizens before the door.   Give it time.  Give the Master recognition and time.

small mandala





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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